Saturday, August 05, 2006

What are your children looking at online?

Oh dear. I just read over at Dead Theologians a very sad article. Reticent Extrovert was at the public library and discovered some "young teenage girls" looking at some horrible sites. Ladies, do you KNOW what your children are looking at online? Don't just assume that "oh, they are at the library. They can't look at anything bad online at the public library." Oh, guess again, mothers!!!

Anyway, I think the upcoming posts from this link should be very eye-opening. I, for one, need to be more aware of cults and not just turn a blind eye to them. They exist- even here in my small town. Oh how I want to protect my family from being blindsided by something that could so easily lead them (us) astray.


Joshua said...

You are very right Mrs. U. The majority of people turn a blind eye to cultic things because of our tolerance to it. Simple advertisements like, "It cleans like magic" over time can dull our sharpness to these things. You also see shows like the Sabrina the teenage witch. All these things become acceptable when we see so much of it. Sin is sin even if others see it as ok. The internet is definitlely not the safest of places to be when there is no supervision. Other people aren't looking out for us or our kids, so we have to.

Tammy said...

I think the internet is the best thing/worst thing ever!

theups said...

I agree, Tammy!!! There is sooo much good to find online, but there is just as much bad, too!! We must be careful, though, or we may end up in the wrong place!! Have you ever typed in the wrong web address and ended up in a horrible site? OH MY!!!!

Mrs. U

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Ditto with Tammy! Both scary and beautiful.


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