Monday, August 21, 2006

Computer problems...

I am sitting in our public library right now with some very sad news to share. Our home computer is out of commission for a few days. Yes, our family is floating around somewhere out in cyberspace until we are up and running again.

There are several words that I have heard Mr. U say lately like "mother board", "bios", "video card" and "processor". I have no idea what any of these words mean, but dear Mr. U does and will have our little problem fixed in just a matter of days (we're waiting on some part to come in the mail).

Until then...


Mrs.B. said...

I hope you get things fixed soon! It's not fun to be without your computer!

Julieann said...

I am sorry:( I hope it gets fixed soon.


Kelli said...

I hope you get it fixed soon! Those words sound scary to me! :0)



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