Thursday, August 31, 2006

Apple recipes, please!!!!

In a few weeks, we are having a ladies fellowship at church. We are going to have a fellowship once a month and each month there will be a different "theme". The theme for the September fellowship is apples. I LOVE apples, but we are all supposed to bring an apple related recipe. It doesn't have to have just apples in it, but an apple product needs to be in the recipe- apple cider vinegar, apple sauce, apple butter, you get the picture. All I can think of to take are apple desserts or apple salads. Do y'all happen to have a favorite, tried-and-true recipe that you serve your family as a main dish that has apples or an apple product in it? If you do, would you mind sharing? I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! You will be the "apple" of my eye!! HAHAHAA!! ... ahem... seriously, though, folks, I would be so thankful for any help.

Thank you!!!!


DonnaB said...

I like the oven fried apple recipe which you can find at It's very easy and very tasty!

Tammy said...

I have an apple dip recipe that is so good! I don't have it right now, but it's basically cream cheese with brown sugar. It's great served with fresh apples!

Mary Ann said...

I have a baked sweet potato,apple and onion recipe that sounds weird but is really good! Let me know if you would like it. Also, I love baking apples stuffed with sausage. What I do is crumble and brown some sausage, and add celery, onions, etc. if you like. When just about cooked, drain and stuff into washed and cored apples(a tunnel through the center of the apple). Place in baking dish and bake at 350 for about an hour or so. Yummy!
Also, I'm sure somewhere on the web you could find a pork chop and apple recipe. Those are always so yummy!
Hope these ideas help you.:-)

theups said...

Donna- Thank you for sharing that!! I LOVE hillbillyhousewife and hadn't even thought of checking with her site!!

Tammy- sounds YUMMY!! Please share!!!

Mary Ann- I would LOVE this recipe!!! Would you either share it here or on your site??

Mrs. U

Mary Ann said...

I posted it on my blog sometime last fall. I'll find it it the archives and link to it on my cooking blog for you!


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