Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Remember to pray for the persecuted

Have y'all ever heard of The Voice of the Martyrs? They are a wonderful ministry that works hard to keep all of us comfortable, well-fed, "I-own-8-Bibles-all-my-own" American Christians aware of what our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering for His Name around the world. Very sad stories, but they are true. We need to remember to pray for our fellow believers that are in chains for the gospel. They suffer what we will, hopefully, never personally experience. While it is hard to read of their persecution- and often it is gruesome- I think it is necessary. We all get so caught up in our self-made worlds, that we fail to see outside of our own little sphere. Look. Read. Try to imagine what Christians in Iran, China, India, etc, go through on a daily basis. Then, pray. Pray for God to give them great strength to stand. Pray for God to save their persecutors. And pray that we will stop looking at ourselves long enough to realize that this world is all about the Lord God Almighty.

Remember their chains.


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i too "follow" voice of the martyrs. amen to a great post. we all need reminders now and then.


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