Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The favorite room in your house

Tami over at Time with Tami recently asked "How about you? What is your favorite room in the house - and why??" Good question, Tami!!!

My favorite room, by far, is my kitchen. Not because it's the most beautiful, but because it's the most FUN!!! Our kitchen is very small and I hardly have any counter space, but I love to get in there and "play" and create wonderful, healthy (and sometimes not-so-healthy! LOL!), great tasting meals!!! I love to look out my back window and see the tomatoes that are VERY slowly turning red. I have sunflowers that making their way out of the soil, too. We have two dogs (Martin and Katie) that I watch play in the backyard. So, while it's not my dream kitchen, it's the kitchen that I dream in!!

So, what about YOU? What is your favorite room in YOUR house? Why? Share your story and link and let's share and learn from each other!!

Thanks, Tami!!!


Tammy said...

My favorite room in my house right now is my sewing room! I just redid it, and it's so nice now. It was awful before I painted and cleaned it out!

G.L.H. said...

Thank you for visiting my blog about my "mini" zinnias. The taupe (grey/brown/maybe a "hint" of purple) color on our walls is Benjamin Moore. The color used to be called #1542. They have changed their number system (we had to go back for more). I don't have the card with the new number, but they found it for me by the old number. The trim is Formerly #967, now OC-130/cloud white. We wanted our walls to match the ones in the A&E Sherlock Holmes mystery series of a few years ago. We love the color, too!

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

What a great post! My kitchen is my favourite room too - and that's quite ironic as the style is not at all to my taste! I think it's because it's such a sociable room and looks out over the garden! My kitchen window frames the view of the lovely hostas and silver birch planted against my back fence.

Theory number one: Do homemakers like their kitchens becuase they are the command centre of the whole house?...Like a Navy Commander, but in an apron!LOL!

Tami said...

Over the years, as my family grew, the kitchen did seem to become "command Central". That's where the calendar is with everyone's schedule, the menu hangs on the fridge for all to see (and for teens to have their friends see and choose when to eat with us), and a place to gather talk and laugh while food was being prepared.

Even know we have friends come over and pull up a stool at the counter. It's just a homy place to chat!!

Melissa said...

My favorite room is definitly my bedroom. I'm not married, so everything I need is pretty much in here for me to slip away and be to myself. It's a great room for watching TV, being on the computer, spending time with the Lord and talking on the phone. Wait a minute, did I forget to say, sleep?!?! I love the color of my walls, peach, I think the color kinda makes me look tan! However, I'm quite sure that once I'm married the kitchen will be higher on the list ;)

Kelli said...

You have such a pretty kitchen!! I *love* white cabinets. Your wallpaper is pretty too! Right now, I am liking my newly organized schoolroom best. :0)


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