Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A freshly vacuumed floor...

In my opinion, there is something so nice about a freshly vacuumed floor. I just love the lines that the vacuum cleaner makes and the way the carpet gets all fluffed up. Then, when you first walk across it, your footprint is left behind. I like vacuuming when no one is here, just so I can sit and enjoy looking at the carpet. HA! I know. I sound silly, but it does my heart good to see clean carpet.

When we first married, I asked Mr. U what part of keeping a home meant the most to him. His answer? Vacuuming!!! Before we married, I could not have cared less about vacuuming (just ask my mother!!). But, for Mr. U, I’d happily do it. You know what? As it has turned out (much to my mother’s surprise), I LOVE vacuuming!!! Look what I had been missing out on all my life!! Who knew?

My vacuuming days are usually Mondays and Thursdays (unless company is coming, then I’ll pull my trusty Bissell out and do extra vacuuming). Yesterday, however, I didn’t have time to vacuum (all those errands I had), so I vacuumed today. So, here I sit, at the computer, drinking a Diet Coke and enjoying all the fluffy carpet and wishing that I could walk on air for a bit so that it would stay just like it is- lines and all.

I just love a freshly vacuumed floor.


Jeff said...

If that is what your vacuum looks like, I have the same one. I also just saw your post over at Amy's and we use to have a cat name "Spurgeon" too. How funny is that! I am also the one that use to go to conferences with my husband as a vacation. I guess I'm not so strange if there are others like me! :)

Tami said...

I absolutely LOVE to vacuum ~~ for the very same reasons as you!!!!! I do it every day...(yes, many think I am crazy). When my children were little and they still took 2 naps a day I would put them down, vacuum real quick, and then sit and sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the quiet and the freshly vacuumed floor!!

(I really do have a life, I promise ~~ it just doesn't sound like it when you read this post!) LOLOL

Mary Ann said...

I love sprinkling Glade Fresh Linen scented powder on my floors before I vacuum. It makes everything smell so good and I get to enjoy the smell and the fluffy clean carpets at the same time!

Tammy said...

Well, wood floors aren't as fun to take care of...no vacuum lines. LOL I have berber carpet in the bedrooms, so that doesn't even leave lines. But that's ok...my vacuum makes all sorts of noise when I use it. Need to get that fixed!

theups said...

Diane- you have a Spurgeon kitty!!! I JUST LOVE IT!! I miss my little Spurgeon. :( There will never be another kitty baby like him.

Tami- I could EASILY vacuum every day!! It is just so NICE to have it all vacuumed and tidy!!!

Mary Ann- THANK YOU for the idea!!! I'll have to look for this at the store!! I hope it won't hurt my vacuum cleaner, though.

Tammy- Wood floors. How NICE!! You might not need to have those vacuum lines, but you CAN push one of those fluffy duster thingies over the hardwood and pick up all the dust bunnies!! I LOVE those fluffly floor dusters!!!!

Mrs. U

Julieann said...

::::giggles:::: I belong to, the love to vaccum club too. My house now is three stories, so it is difficult to carry the kirby up the stairs, so for my birthday last year, I got a Dirt Devil for the top floor..We are moving back to California in 2 weeks and the house, we are getting is all hard wood----oh what am I going to do with 2 vacuums?? LOL. Cute post Mrs.U

Blaine Staat said...

Dear Mrs. U,

I wanted to ask your permission to include your blog link from my blog...


I love what you are doing and know that other ladies will be encouraged by you as well! :O)

Love and God's Blessings,

theups said...

Mrs. Catherine!!!
Please, feel free to include it!! I feel honored that you would even ask!! :)

Mrs. U

Cherish the Home said...

I enjoy the fruits of vacuuming as well! It's a good thing....with all of my pets it's a necessity! LOL (o:


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