Thursday, August 17, 2006

A freshly mowed lawn...

I recently shared about how I LOVE to vacuum and I REALLY love the nice lines that are in the carpet when I’m finished. Well, I also REALLY love the lines that are in the grass when Mr. U is finished mowing!! And here they are- you can see some of the lawn with “the lines” and our faithful cat, Sam, who insisted that he be in the picture, too!! Mr. U just mowed this morning, so the yard looks so fresh. I just love a freshly mowed lawn.


Tammy said...

I always like how a lawn looks after it's just been mowed too!

Mrs.B. said...

Me too! The cat is so cute....just makes the picture even better!

abrightnewdawn said...

I love the lines, but I also LOVE the smell!!! (I miss it now that we're out here in the desert, but it's just one of those "home" smells to me!!)
I have enjoyed reading your blog!


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