Thursday, August 10, 2006

Y'all might not want to miss out on this!!!

Today, August 10, Dairy Queen is doing something special!!! Here's what their site says:

On Thursday, August 10, stop by a participating DQ® location and buy a Blizzard® Treat. All proceeds will be donated to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. With help from you, our loyal Blizzard® Fan Club members, we could raise over $2 million on this one day.

So you and your family just may want to take a trip over to DQ and enjoy a Blizzard today!!!

And, let's face it, any excuse to eat a Blizzard is good enough for me!! :)


Julieann said...

What a nice thing DQ is doing:) I just wanted to comment on your site--it is so adorable--I love your layout. I can't remember how I linked here, but I am glad I did, you have a very nice Blog:)


Mary Ann said...

I saw this on TV and totally forgot about it and we were wanting milkshakes this afternoon. Husband suggested going out and buying some and I insisted on trying a new recipe! Oh least I didn't spend any money...but we love blizzards, too!:-)

theups said...

Mary Ann,
PLEASE share your milkshake recipes!! YUMMMYY!!!

Julieann, WELCOME!! It's nice to "meet" you!! I hope you feel at home here! :)

Mrs. U


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