Saturday, August 26, 2006

I actually made this!!!!

I have to be honest with you. I am not artsy. I can draw a picture and I can cook up a meal (and I can crochet but it takes a REALLY, REALLY long time), but I cannot make pretty things for our home. Well, I couldn't until recently. And, like I said yesterday, this past week of being lost in cyberspace with our computer down, I've accomplished a good bit more than I thought I could.

Mrs. Wilt has inspired MANY of us to get creative in the home and this past weekend I actually decided to make a go of it and try to create a fall wreath for our door. Here's what I started with...

- a grapevine wreath
- some plastic apples
- a spool of some ribbon that matched the apples
- a plastic "zip" fastener
- hot glue gun

First, I decided which part of the wreath I wanted to be the top so that I could then wrap the ribbon around the grapevine wreath and hot glue it at the starting point and the ending point. I started the ribbon at the bottom of the wreath so that it would be hidden behind the apples and bow (you'll see what I mean with the finished picture). Then I used the "zip" fastener (sorry, I don't know the official name of the thing) to fasten the apples onto the back of the wreath. Lastly, I tied the bow and hot glued it into place. Voila!! A simple, fast and easy-enough-for-me wreath to welcome our guests to our home!!!

So, what do y'all think??


Tammy said...

Very adorable! I love it!

Susan said...

It looks great! Now you've inspired me. I'm going to have to go get some apples and a wreath - I love apples!

Cherish the Home said...

Very pretty! You did a great job!

Kelli said...

It's so pretty!!! I love the gingham ribbon with the apples. It's perfect for fall!!


theups said...

Garsh (that is SUPPOSED to be a sound like Goofy from Disney would make- LOL!!!!!). Y'all are TOO sweet!! If y'all make one, please be sure and blog it!! I just love seeing what everyone makes!! Since I'm not very crafty, I need all the inspiration I can get!!

Mrs. U

deb said...

Mrs U - your wreath is very nice! Looks like you had a fun time making it, too!

(I've been AWOL from Bloglines for the past few days, and all the posts are piling up to read! So, I'm late getting around to commenting on this post.)

Thanks for sharing your crafts wth us. Congrats on finishing the blanket, too. :)

Paula said...

Oh, you did a fabulous job! You can come on over and make one for me, too!


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