Friday, August 25, 2006

Amazing things have been happening while our computer has been down!!!

Amazing things have been happening while our computer has been down this past week!! Okay, well, maybe not AMAZING, but... do y'all remember me telling you about how long I've been working on my son's crocheted blanket? Well, lo and behold... drum roll puh-lease.....

I AM FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know, most of y'all that truly know me are probably having a heart attack right now, but it's TRUE!! Here's a picture to prove it.

Yup, that's him asleep with his new blanket. So, while it was hard being separated from email and the online world this past week, I did accomplish a good deal!! I've even started a blanket for our daughter, Elizabeth!!! I wonder just how long this one will take me, huh? Any bets?


Tammy said...

Congratulations on completing a project! Doesn't it just feel so wonderful?

Anonymous said...

i'm envious! maybe if mine went down i could get something done too! lol :)

theups said...

Yes, Tammy, it DOES feel good!! If only I could remember this feeling each time I begin a new project!! :)

Agodlyhomemaker- HAHA!!! I didn't think I could get so much accomplished until our computer was down. Boy, did I learn just how much I am online!! But I just LOVE all these homemaking blogs!!!

Mrs. U


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