Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Movies. I’m sure most of us watch them. Have you ever rented a movie or gone to the theater to see a movie that is rated PG (or even G) only to find out it is NOT something neither you nor your family should be watching? If so, check out Screen It. They give very up-to-date movie reviews and have TONS of movies reviews from the past.

When you first go to the site, they will ask if you want to join. You can join if you like, but you can also click on “No Thanks” at the very bottom of the page and you can continue on to look at the movie reviews.

The next page will bring up different options. When in doubt, just click on “search” and type in the name of the movie review you want to read. A Google bar will then come up so make sure you type in the name of the movie and that “search” is clicked before you hit “Google Search”.

We use Screen It for ALL of our movie reviews. Some of the movies that come out look very interesting and some of them look quite funny. However, when we go to Screen It and read the review for a movie, it is often SHOCKING at the things that are said and the situations that are presented (and oftentimes, the body parts that are revealed!!).

Try Screen It and see what you think. I am so very thankful for their site and their reviews. There have been MANY movies that we have not gone to see after reading the horrible review. I have been very thankful that the Lord has made us aware of Screen It.

A home is a place of safety and part of making a house a home is protecting it from harm. Harm can easily come in when we allow movies that are not honoring to the Lord into our home. Little hearts and minds (including big hearts and minds) can be led astray by the world and its ways so quickly. Don’t let harm be brought in by you. Read the review of the movie BEFORE you watch it with your family. It’s worth it.


Reel Fanatic said...

Interesting stuff ... Though I don't have any children so don't think about those things as often as I should, Screen It is a definite resource .. the thing that amazes me is all the things they can cram into a movie and still manage to get it rated PG-13 .. It's easily were R was 20 years ago

Tami said...

We use ScreenIt all the time!! The kids know the rules - if they want ot watch something we check it out first. Just another way of doing all we can to keep the garbage out of our house.

theups said...

I DEFINITELY agree with you!!! I used to think that if a movie was not rated R then it was "clean". You CANNOT use that thinking these days! Even some rated G movies will have sexual inuendos!! Oh my!

Mrs. U

deb said...

We hardly ever watch movies for this very reason--even ones that are recommended by friends as okay. Somehow folks have become so desensitized to (what's so obvious to us) words, scenes, whatever in a movie that they have no clue that it's not appropriate.

But...we've just substituted with family activities and fun outings.


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