Friday, September 01, 2006

I just gotta brag!

Yes, I know that all babies are cute, but SOME babies are more cute than others!! Like this little one, for example.

This is my new little niece, Sarah. Is she beautiful or WHAT???? She is a little over 5 months old right now. I got to spend Saturday morning with her and I am just amazed at how she can be so gorgeous AND so sweet at the same time!!

She's a little bald right now (I LOVE LOVE LOVE bald babies!!!!) and hopefully her hair will come in red like my brother's (Sarah's dad) and sister's hair!!! I just love little redheads!! Congratulations my dear brother and sister-in-law!! I hope y'all have many, many more babies!!!!

Gosh, it's fun being an aunt!!!!! (I'm sure my sister would second that!!!)


Susan said...

She's precious! I'm right there with you on the beautiful nieces and nephews thing. I think my sister and brother have the most beautiful children on earth, and they have 11 children between them, so far. You're blessed to be close enough to visit!

DonnaB said...

That is one cute baby! :-) I love being an aunt too! I get to take my nieces to church with me most Sundays.

Kelli said...

Oh, she is just precious!! Her cheeks are so squeezable!!


Anonymous said...

Aunts rock!


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