Saturday, September 30, 2006

Setting Captives Free

Setting Captives Free is a website that has free Bible studies. They have several studies that deal with sexual addictions, substance additions and gambling addictions, but the one that got my attention first was one about food addictions. Oh my!! I'm not gonna tell you much about that study except that The Lord's Table does an excellent job in discussing what the true problem with food is- your heart.

The study I just started is a one called Glorifying God--A Practical Handbook. Wow. Just read this quote from Day 1...

"The kind of love that pleases God is the love that delights in God, that finds great pleasure in Him, that prefers Him over everyone and everything else. A man’s heart is set upon whatever he treasures, and to love God truly is to treasure Him supremely. True love for God is exuberant love, love that is more like a stream than a few drops of water. It is a superlative love, a super-abounding love, an overflowing love, a never-ending love."

Is THAT the kind of love that you have for the Lord? Be honest with yourself. Do I delight in God? Do I find great pleasure in Him? Do I prefer Him over everyone and everything else? Oh how I LONG for my answer to be "Yes!!!" to those questions.

Needless to say, I am enjoying this study. I long to know Him more and become more like Him and less like me.


Susan said...

I have a friend who has done The Lord's Table study at Setting Captives Free. I'm considering doing it for myself - she said it was good!

Shari said...

those are great thoughts.


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