Monday, September 25, 2006

Wonderful tea!!!!

Look what Annecourager sent me!!! She had been given a ton of it and wanted to give it away to others. She's so sweet!!

Chai tea happens to be my current favorite tea. It is basically a spice tea and you can read more about it here.

Thank you, Annecourager!!!


Tammy said...

It's good stuff! :)

Shari said...

holy cow! i LOVE that stuff!!
when i was shopping at walmart and sams, they had large tubs for only 8.00! soooo yummy. it's the first tea that i've ever really liked. it makes me think of christmas.

Annecourager said...

/Grin/ Oh, I'm glad you like it! I sent some to Tammy and it ended up being a sampler of different types of chai (who knew? I didn't!)

So, think of grey, chilly, drizzly Pacific Northwest weather when you enjoy it! :) it definitely makes the chill go away here.

theups said...

Annecourage, I'll definitely be thinking of you every time I have a cup!!

Mrs. U


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