Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's up today...

Can you tell what I'm doing today by the picture I've posted? Yup, it's FLOWER TIME!! I know, these aren't a ton of flowers. I'm just getting started. HA! Mr. U would have a heart attack if I bought all the flowers I wanted at one time. So I'll just spread it out over a month or so and today's project is planting more daffodil bulbs and some pansies. Goodness gracious, I love flowers.

Mr. U asked me one day if I thought someone could ever plant too many flowers (was he hinting at something??). I just looked at him like he had two heads. Too many flowers? How DARE he!!!!

Yesterday at Lowe's when I was picking out these flowers, Mr. U said "So, I guess you want me to plant these, huh?" I replied, "You planting these flowers for me is like you buying an Xbox game and I play it for you." Seeing as how I've never played an Xbox game in my life and have NO desire to, he smiled and said "Oh, I get it."


Shari said...

sweeet! flowers!
those will look great! we're heading into our fall, so i am done with planting for now, except for the bulb planting i want to do.
i want to get some potted mums to display, but i keep putting it off, maybe i'll just push myself out today and buy some. it will certainly brighten this cloudy day.

Tammy said...

Fun! I will be buying some spring bulbs pretty soon here!

theups said...

Y'all both had better be sure and post pictures once your flowers are looking beautiful!!

Mrs. U

Susan P. said...

Mrs. U, your post made me giggle:) Ahh, pansies and daffodils, those are my favorites because they are both such "happy" plants! I love how the little pansies stick their little smiling heads up even when there is snow on the ground!

Kelli said...

Too many flowers?? No way!! I buy my flowers the same way as you..hehee.
I love pansies. They are so cheerful!
I got your wonderful letter today. I will write back soon!


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