Monday, September 25, 2006

Making your house a dream home???

(Note- This is not my house.  This is a dream home!!!!)

How often do you sit around and dream about your "dream home"? After reading these posts (here and here) about dream homes, I'm starting to think a little differently.

I'm very guilty of whiling away the day being caught up in daydreams about the perfect home of my imaginings. Why? What's the point?

Girl Talk says... " As a Christian woman, my 'dream house' shouldn’t be one of mere aesthetic beauty, or luxurious comfort. Rather, I should aspire to have a home like the one Peter Marshall once described as possessing 'an atmosphere in which it was impossible to keep from thinking of God.' "

Oh, just go and read for yourself. Then, please, come back and share your thoughts about this with me. While we SHOULD make a house a home- a place where our family wants to be- we don't need to get caught up in trying to make our house a worldy "dream home".


Anonymous said...

Those were really good posts and gave a wonderful perspective. Decorating magazines and HGTV can be joy and contentment stealers if we do not guard against it!

Shari said...

thank you for guiding me to those. it's so easy to wish for more or just different. i need to focus more on how the house feels than how it looks. "this world is not my home, i'm just apassing through..." :):)


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