Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How to Clean Practically Anything...

We have the best book!! It's called How to Clean Practically Anything and it's by Consumer Reports .

Last night, Mr. U added ink to our printer. It's a messy job, but he is always so careful and never gets even a drop anywhere. Until last night. Two pretty large drops of BLACK ink made their way to our beige carpet. We didn't discover it until this morning. Not a pretty sight, let met tell you.

When I discovered the ink spots this morning, I sighed and figured they were there for life. Smartly, Mr. U grabbed How to Clean Practically Anything and looked up "ink" and it said to use rubbing alcohol. The description was for ball point pen ink but it worked magcially on our carpet!!! He poured some right on the spot and started rubbing. He didn't have to rub hard, either. It came right off!!!! What a blessing!!!!

I wish I had taken "before" and "after" pictures of the spot, but, frankly, I figured his trying to clean it was pointless. HAHA!! Guess I was wrong! If you were to see the area now, you would never know that black printer ink had just been rubbed out of the carpet.

Just wanted to share with y'all in case you ever run into the same problem.


Shari said...

wow, what a neat book!
i should get it. i've thought about renaming my family the Stainersons, lol, all of us tend to drip whatever dinner we have, right on our clothes. ha ha.

theups said...

HAHA!!! Shari, we often have the same problem!! LOL!! I LOVE the last name!! tee hee!!

Mrs. U

Jenn said...

Neat info! I have some ink spots on my nice wood floor....WAH...young children, pens and chewing puppies do not mix!! I wonder what I could use on it.....not sure about rubbing alchohol and glossy wood. hmmm.......


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