Friday, August 31, 2007

Silly procrastination...

What does this picture of Elizabeth have to do with this post? Nothing. I just think she's adorably cute and wanted to share!! :)

Do y'all ever procrastinate about anything? My son and I have referred to ourselves as the king and queen of procrastination. HAHA!!

Yesterday I did two things in our home that I have put off and put off. First I needed to clean above the door frames. You know that little section above that door frame that sticks out from the door? I have noticed dust up there and it's been driving me NUTS looking at it. But, of course, I noticed it LAST WEEK and just yesterday finally cleaned it off. LOL!! And you know what? I cleaned that part of every door in our home and it took only about 20 minutes to do it!! Just two quick wipes was all it took above each door frame and ta-da they are clean!!!

The other job that I've been putting off is washing our windows. In the past, I have said that mopping is my most dreaded part of cleaning. Nope. I've discovered that I washing windows is worse!!! That would definitely explain why I haven't cleaned our windows since JANUARY this year!!! Oh my!!! And before that it had been TWO YEARS since they were last clean!!!!!! Yes, it's true!!!! So, I have decided to mend my ways and put myself on a monthly window cleaning schedule!!! When they are cleaned more often, it's MUCH easier to clean them!

Anyway... I started cleaning the windows and I cleaned all of them in our house in about 45 minutes!!! That was MUCH faster than I had anticipated! I was very happy to be done with cleaning them AND that it was much faster that I had expected!!!

So... what dreaded task have YOU been putting off? Tackle it today!!! I bet it'll take a whole lot less time and energy than you think!


Paula said...

Mrs. U, your daughter is beautiful!! Three things that I put off because I just don't like to do them--changing lightbulbs where I need to climb up on a stepstool to do it; cleaning the ceiling fan blades because I have to stand on the bed to do it; and, like you, washing the windows because no matter how much I wash there is some damage in between the panes of glass, and they will never look clean. The other items I don't like to do because it involves climbing up on an object and you eventually get to the age where you actually start thinking you might fall and break a body part--LOL!!

Jthemilker said...

Can we talk about this tomorrow?

ha ha ha ha ha ha
Seriously - your little one is SO precious!!! Thanks for sharing! I want one!!!

Paula said...

It's nice to know housework is still a chore for you. However, you do seem to be growing in your enthusiasm!! I enjoy reading your blog just for the encouragement. Doing windows, though? Any time? Whew! I salute you. :)
(PS - She is a cutie!)

Gena said...

I love your beautiful daughter's little ponytails! She looks like Cindy Lou Who.

I finished a job today that I'd been procrastinating - getting rid of all of the dead plants outside, cleaning the pots and planting some new fall things. It looks so much better!

Lindah said...

Windows AND mini-blinds, which are a maxi pain, mainly because I have yet to find an effective way to clean them.

Oh, what a little cutie your daughter is!

Cyndi Lewis said...

What a cutie!

Currently I procrastinate on just about any "deeper" cleaning chore. We have been living in a poorly kept up rental duplex that was pretty dirty when we moved in (long story) and it just doesn't seem to matter how much or hard I clean it just doesn't look any cleaner. In a normal situation the thing I hate to clean the most is floor moldings. You have to get down on hands and knees with a toothbrush. Yuck!

Amy said...

Your daughter is adorable! My daughter would be very jealous of your little girl's hair :P My poor little one is still waiting for her "barrette hair", so darling little pigtails are a long way off yet.

I am really awful about getting laundry put away. I will have it washed, ironed, and folded nicely, and then let the fresh clothing/linens linger in the basket until it is all dirty again. I really must get better about that, although my cats will miss their "beds" once I do. LOL.

Kelli said...

Oh, Elizabeth is SO CUTE, Mrs. U!! I love her little ponytails!
I'm procrastinating about 10 different things right now..haha! Your post was just what I needed, I'm off to get busy! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the push...
And, Elizabeth is a beauty indeed.

homespun living said...

Elizabeth is adorable!!
I hate procrastinating but I do it all the time! And the dreaded job is never as bad as I've built it up to be in my mind :)

oak wind farm said...

Good for you! I need to do both of those things, and add cleaning the dreadful mini-blinds too! I hate having mini-blinds anyway, but here in the south, they help a lot with the heat. So we use them. Cleaning them is the pitts, and they get taken outside and hosed off at least with the change of each seaon. So it's time. UGH!
But you inspire me to get it done. So I will try to tackle it soon.

oak wind farm said...

Forgot to say, your daughter is adorable. But I bet you already know that! :-)

Julieann said...

Mrs. U, Elizabeth is absolutely beautiful--you definately have to post more pictures of her.

As for the task--it is windows for me too---there are just SO many...LOL.


Beach Girl said...

What a CUTIE!

Would you like to come clean my house? LOL It's not dirty, I just hate doing it. You seem to enjoy it, so I'd be glad to let you do mine. ;-)


Sharon said...

Elizabeth is the picture of beauty!!

I stay fairly on schedule about cleaning the inside windows, but it's the outside windows that I put off. Thanks for the reminder! As soon as my back is better, I'll tackle it!

Melissa said...

Elizabeth looks soo cute here! I agree with you that doing things more often takes less time, but to actually practice that....hum....nearly impossible for me. I'm so proud of you for cleaning your door trimming and windows!


Anonymous said...

Okay... thanks to you, tomorrow I will post my new household tasks schedule! YEAH!!!

Lilly said...

I love the piggy tails. She is just so darn cute! :)


Anonymous said...

oh my! Cute little pig tails AND gingham:) No wonder you are so in love with your precious Elizabeth. She is a darling!

P.S. I'm still cleaning my bathmats regularly since your last post. Whenever they get a little dirty, I can't even go in there without thinking "hmmm, Mrs. U would definately wash these!" LOL.



Anonymous said...

Funny, A lot I am sure. But I really need to go through my pictures. I have stuff back from like 1 in half years.


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