Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Physical Demands of Homemaking

I am FAR from in shape. In fact, I need to lose a good bit of weight. I've been trying to exercise several days of week. Do I like exercising? No. Do I like that it is good for my body? Oh yes! And I want to be healthy so that I can care for my family until I am 100 years old or more!!

I really enjoyed reading Elizabeth's post entitled "The Physical Demands of Homemaking: Specificity of Training" over at A Merry Rose. After I read the article, I was motivated to get up and exercise! I want to be better at my tasks as a homemaker and exercising is a way to accomplish just that.

Do you exercise? Why? Do you feel that it helps you as your role as a homemaker?


Dianna said...

I don't exercise as much as I should, but I find that on the days I go for a walk, I feel so much better. It's a great way to get myself going in the morning. I also sleep better if I am actually tired at night!

Anonymous said...

I have not been exercising as I should. This next week the girls and I are going to add 'PE' to our daily school schedule. This should be FUN!!!
I do remember that when I faithfully was walking 4 miles a day, my whole mood was lighter and I was a better, more pleasant person to be around. (I actually had more energy.)

Paula said...

I do exercise--very basic "step" type low impact aerobics like the ones shown on Denise Austin. I exercise for about 1/2 hour in the morning while watching the financial news on CNBC. It's a really good way to start the day!! I do admit, however, that I have lost nooooo weight--LOL!!

Julieann said...

::Giggles::: Nope!!! I loved Elizabeth's post too:) I guess, I should explain --I don't excercise in the sense of the word, that I pop in a workout video, or go to a club--but I do vacuum my stairs, scrub my floors, carry the baby carrier in and out of stores--go for walks with the stroller, etc----My baby is 4 months now, and I think my pregnancy weight is coming off nicely---if it comes off too quick, it has a great chance to come back----also, I make sure I drink a lot and have a lot of healthy things to eat--plus just by nursing, I am burning about 600 calories a day:)

Great question Mrs. U!!


Wife of a Soldier said...

I run after my 1yr old while being 6mo pregnant.... does that count? ;)

Anonymous said...

I try to work out as much as I can. My mother in law recently recomended a video from the 80's called "Callanetics". I bought the DVD on Amazon and it really has been amazing. (If you buy it, make sure that you get the original one- "Callanetics: 10 years younger in 10 hours" and not the other ones.) The DVD is a little expensive but I really like it a lot. The clothing in the video and the music is a little funny but the excercises really are wonderful and work really well. My mother in law has a big family (my husband is the oldest at 23 and the youngest is 5) and even the littlest one does the excercise with her. Anyway, I just thought that I would share this great workout video!

Amy said...

I try to do aerobic type exercise at least five times a week, we take a 2-3 mile walk every night as a family, and I also chase after my little one all day long...occasionally even chasing the cats as they attempt to escape out the front door. ;o) Staying active helps me to maintain good health and a great energy level. Just getting out and walking for a few minutes is a far better "wake up boost" to me than caffeine ever could be :o)

theups said...

I DEFINITELY think that chasing after children counts as exercise!! And definitely picking them up, too! I guess I do get more of a workout each day than I realized!! :)

And Christina, wow, 4 miles a day???? You must be in good shape!! Way to go!!!

I've never heard of Callanetics, Lauren, until now. I'll have to read more about it!! Thank you for mentioning it!!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I abhor cardio workouts (can't stand all the panting that I do) so I lift free weights. Only 30 minutes and I can target all the major muscle groups. In turn for each pound of muscle that you gain, your metabolism increases by 17%. So then even when I'm standing still I'm burning more calories! Plus my body gets more toned.

Diane said...

I've tried to walking outside, I've tried walking to Walk Away the Pounds, but have a hard time sticking to it. I find it hard to find the tie to walk. I can't do it early in the morning, and by the afternoons, I'm wiped out. Am I a lost cause?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Try pilates! It's great and really works FAST but you have to do it correctly. The Winsor Pilates DVD's are great. There's a 20 minute workout. It's fast and no-panting, no monthly memberships... well, it's a different "panting" but still no memberships. Any exercise that lets me lie on the floor is my kind of exercise!

And I have to say that cutting out soft drinks for 2 weeks (have to, it takes that long to get it out of the system and to deal with cravings) is the best thing for my energy level, even DC, Mrs. U! I noticed that I had a headache not too long after my detox from the royal beverage (Coke Light, if you will) and the culprit was of course, the neighbor's kind offering of a Diet Coke. Que the scary music, I might be kicked off the blog. ;) Seriously though, when I would drink water (8 glasses a day) and stay away from sd, I would eat so much less and feel so much better.

Just got back from China and had my cold coke. No ice. I need to cut it out though, it takes the weight off the middle when I do. You know the nice band from the belly button to above the seat? Well, two weeks in China was kind to that area. :)

So, in the end, there is value to discipline in the areas of diet and exercise. Not out of what's perceived as beautiful to our culture but, what's just plain obedience in being good stewards of what God has given us. I just got to thinking AGAIN that I need to ask one of my neighbors to go walking with me. It's a good way to get time alone with people I need to be loving.

Great subject, Mrs. U!

:) Bob's wife

Anonymous said...

I do housework on a regular basis, but have found since I have a TON of allergies (food and environmental) I do it more often now. I enjoy housework, but especially so these days. I have also taken on doing at least 10 minutes of exercise a day, because of a recent substantial weight gain. Please feel free to visit …The invasion of the body snatcher…menopause.


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