Monday, August 13, 2007

A lesson from Aunt Bee

Mr. U and I LOVE to watch The Andy Griffith Show. We have watched reruns after reruns after reruns and we've never tired of it yet.

We just finished an episode and I noticed a few things about his Aunt Bee. She and her friend, Clara Edwards, were at the market purchasing some meat. Clara shared with Aunt Bee about a huge sale on beef, but in order to save, you had to buy the entire side of beef. Aunt Bee bought the side of beef, you know, "to save money", and put it in her deep freezer. The freezer? Well, it was old and ended up being broken and she was left with a big freezer full of stinky beef.

What about THAT taught me a lesson? Well, it wasn't actually the story that I learned from, but when Aunt Bee and Clara were at the market, they both had on lovely dresses, pearls, both had a dainty purse hanging on their arm, their hair in a beautiful updo, and gloves on their hands- at the grocery story!!! They left their homes looking lovely, looking feminine. If Aunt Bee went to that much trouble to look lady-like, I would think I could spend a few minutes tidying myself up to go to the grocery store, too.

Is it necessary that I wear pearls and heels or even gloves? Oh no, not unless I truly want to dress that way. But I think making sure my clothes are clean and pressed is a good place to start. How about my hair? Is it brushed nicely? Is my face clean? Do I need to apply a bit of makeup? What do I smell like? Have I brushed my teeth today? These are just a few things that I could do to make myself more feminine, more lovely. It truly does shock me that there are some ladies who do not even do the most basic of cleaning when leaving their home!!!

What do you wear when you go the grocery store or just running errands? Do you show up in baggy shorts? Or at you dressed up with pearls and gloves? Or are you somewhere in between?

Thank you, Aunt Bee, for setting a lovely example for me of loveliness!!


Melissa said...

haha, Mrs. U., I love that you almost got sidetracked with the stinky beef! :P

In all seriousness, I love this post. You're absolutely right about Aunt Bee, she always dressed well, and very lady like, but she wasn't "rich". She just took time and care to get ready.

Thank you for this reminder as I start my day :D


Anonymous said...

She was a classy lady, wasn't she?

Tracy said...

No pearls or gloves, but definitly a skirt or a dress, combed hair, and brushed teeth!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. U, Aunt Bee reminds me of my grandmother--you never saw women in pants or slacks during that time. Now, when going shopping, women tend to wear masculine styles of clothing.

Normally, I wear a skirt when running errands and grocery shopping--I don't own a pair of gloves--ha!

Anonymous said...

Good food for thought. I normally dress casual when shopping (usually capris and top) but I do make sure my hair and makeup are good to go! I have realized, for myself, that I want to wear makeup (including mascara) on a daily basis- even though most of my time is playing with my boys! I just feel better about myself and more presentable to others. Something I can't do without- regarding those wrinkled clothes- is investing in Downy Wrinkle Reducer (rather inexpensive too). It is awesome, practical, and gets the job done sans ironing. I do get the iron out sometimes, sincle the wrinkle reducer doesn't seem to work on all things, BUT it sure helps in a jif and makes you look nice for heading out the door. - Gretchen

Lady of the house said...

In the spring and summer, I wear a lovely floral print dress, dainty sandals, pearl earrings, and a hat or scarf it is windy.

In the fall and winter I wear a wool skirt and usually a pink sweater.

I don't get out of the house often, and when I do, I like to look nice.

Paula said...

When I go shopping I *try* to dress nicely. I don't want to be embarrassed running into folks. ;)
Mrs. C

Julieann said...

Mrs. U--I was nursing Little Kevin while this episode was on--I LOVE Andy Griffith. I have every episode on a VCR tape---Hopefully I can get them on disk.

Have you seen my Mayberry cook? I can post it again if you would like to see--it has such wonderful recipes--hmmm, I was wondering what to make for dinner--I think I will look in my Mayberry cookbook.

I just got sidetracked..LOL--I agree about how ladies always looked so nice---I see so many women in sweats and track pants and hair all a mess at the store---GREAT post!!!


Michelle Peacock said...

I wear rather casual dresses and skirts if I'm not leaving the house (I don't wear pants). But if I have an appointment or know I'll be leaving the house for any reason, I dress more nicely. Nothing fancy, but I do believe in looking presentable. Now if I could just get my DH to change that tank top when we're going somewhere... Oh, I love, love, love the Andy Griffith show, including Aunt Bee!


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