Saturday, September 02, 2006

Call me a glutton for punishment...

Most of y'all will remember my issues with taking YEARS (literally) to finish my son's crocheted afghan. Well, I have promised myself to never let that happen again. So, to prove it to myself (haha!!), I have started another afghan. This time it's for Elizabeth. Hopefully, by the time she gets here (I am praying we can have her here around Christmastime!!!!), I will be finished. But, with my track record... who knows???

The first pretty picture is a photo of the actual picture in a crochet book called Afghans For All Seasons (can you see my finger in the top left of the photo??). This is the afghan that I am making for Elizabeth except I am using Lion Brand Bubble Gum Pink and White. You know, fun, girly colors.

This photo is of the colors- Bubble Gum Pink and White. They look MUCH prettier in real life. Oh well. So far I have made the first two pink rows and the first two white rows. I just need to make 7 more pink rows and 6 more white rows and then I can start doing a weave in the crochet to make it look like a thick woven blanket!!


DonnaB said...

You can do it! I've always shied away from making afghans but if you can set 1/2 an hour to day to work on it...the time quickly adds up. I recently finished a new baby afghan and it took just three days from start to finish...I just worked on it here and there about 5 hours total!

theups said...

Wow, Donna, that's WONDERFUL!! Definitely an accomplishment!!! Thank you VERY much for the encouragement to keep on!!

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

Good for you for starting another one!! I love the colors and the pattern!

Amy said...

I was notorious for not finishing my projects....until I started blogging about them, lol. I'm sure you daughter will love this blanket :)

theups said...

Haha, Amy!!! You are right!! Blogging a project DOES hold you accountable, doesn't it? :)

Mrs. U

Tammy said...

So pretty! Love it! I want to make an afghan sometime soon. I'm thinking of crochet, because it will go faster then knitting!


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