Saturday, February 25, 2017

10 years ago today...

10 years ago today.  How it seems like forever ago, yet, at the same time, seems just like yesterday.  

I was SCARED TO DEATH to be a mommy.  Sure, I had babysat tons of times for little ones.  I have always loved children.  But 24/7 care of a child?  How was I even old enough for this????  

I remember that morning at breakfast, before our group left for the Civil Affairs Bureau.  I was a wreck.  Couldn't eat a thing (and the breakfast buffet had my favorites- bacon and french toast!!!!).  All I could do was pray.  I asked the Lord for His help, for His wisdom, for His PEACE.  As we walked out to the big bus, I was filled with such glorious peace!!!  Answer to prayer!!  And such JOY!!  I WAS GOING TO BE A MOMMY!!!!  

We unloaded at the Civil Affairs Bureau and headed in.  We waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And finally came the words we all wanted to hear- "The babies are here!!!!" 

We were last.  After all, our last name starts with a "U". But suddenly,  there stood Mrs Yu, the orphanage director. She was holding my sweet girl- the child that I had dreamed of for 36 years (I was 36 when she was born).  The child I had named when I was in elementary school.  The child that had grown in my heart for eons.  My dearest, loveliest Elizabeth.  

So today I celebrate the gift of life. Today I celebrate adoption. Today I celebrate CCAI.  Today I celebrate motherhood.  Today I celebrate my Elizabeth.  

Thank You, Lord.  Your ways are FAR better than mine.  

My dear Elizabeth today.  10 1/2 years old.  And a huge blessing to so so many.  My gift from God.


Billie Jo said...

So nice to meet you!
And what a lovely post to begin with...
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.
Your sweet daughter has surely blessed your life. : )
I am following you now, and will visit again soon.
Thank you for visiting my little blog!

Paula said...

What a milestone day in your life! So glad God blessed your family with Miss E. :)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Oh, I have chills! This was an absolutely beautiful post. I'm so glad you shared it. What joy!
God bless you and sweet Elizabeth.
Thanks for talking back at Harvest Lane Cottage,
Laura Lane
Carthage, Missouri

Mrs. U said...

Thank you Billie Jo, Paula, and Laura!!!! We are so so blessed!!!


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