Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Favorites... Jane's Tea from Adagio Tea...

While I do enjoy coffee... a lot... I also really love a hot cup of tea.  My favorite for years has continued to be Jane's Tea which is a special blend from Adagio.  I've loved all the teas I've ordered from them (except anything with chocolate in it. Chocolate tea is just weird to me.)  I still brew my loose tea leaves in their IngenuiTEA and it's still delicious every. single. time.  

And guess what???  Should you decide you want to try out any of the teas from Adagio, you can sign up here with your email and get $5 off certificate!!!  YAY!!!  

Y'all be sure and come back here and let me know what teas you tried and loved!! I'm always open for new favorites!!  

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