Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to easily clean stainless steel...

When we moved in our house, EVERYONE told me not to get stainless steel appliances.  "Sure, they're pretty", they'd say, "but they are NO FUN to clean."  So, what do we do?  Yep, buy stainless steel appliances.  Do they look pretty?  YES!!!  Are they NO FUN to clean?  Well, they were a PAIN to clean until I discovered the secret!!!

Fingerprints are number one enemy with stainless steel.  Sure, I'd clean the appliances super well with cleaner, but the fingerprints were IMMOVABLE!!!!  For months I felt doomed to a lifetime of looking at bazillions of fingerprints!!  

Then one day VOILA!!!  I read somewhere that furniture polish would work!!  I pulled out the Pledge, sprayed some on a microfiber cloth, and in a  quick swipe, the fingerprints were GONE!!!!  AND, the best part, they STAY gone for a week or so!!!  Yes, sadly, fingerprints do find their way back to the pretty stainless steel, but now I know a great way to get rid of them for a while!!!  

So just spray some Pledge (or any store brand lemon furniture polish) on a microfiber cloth and start wiping.  You'll have to spray your cloth a few times for each appliance. I recommend spraying the cloth and not the appliance because IF the Pledge gets on the floor, it'll be SUPER slippery in that area and hard to clean up.  (Ask me how I know.)

Let me know if this helps you!! I know I'm not alone in the war against fingerprints!!  

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