Saturday, August 01, 2009

YOU can help us with our next ADOPTION!!!!

Hi y'all!! I'm having an ONLINE Pampered Chef party and YOU are invited!!!

I "met" (online) a Pampered Chef consultant who is helping us raise funds for our next adoption!!! If any of you have ever used Pampered Chef, you know what WONDERFUL products they have! I've been using their line for almost 10 years and have ZERO complaints- LOVE THEM!!!

Anyway, if any of you would be interested in helping with my fundraiser AND interested in purchasing Pampered Chef, please leave a comment with a way that I can get in touch with you. I will then send you an email with all that you need to do to order.

Mrs. U

THANK YOU to everyone who ordered!!! The Pampered Chef "party" was over August 2, and I truly am thankful for everyone who helped us raise money for our adoption!!!!!


sweetpralinemadness said...

Yay, I love Pampered Chef. Have fun!

Mrs. E said...

Oh... I would love to come
*sigh* if I lived closer!!!
Hope you have a marvelous time.

Many Blessings~ Jen

Mrs. U said...

Miss Jen,
I am very sorry for not being clear on my post!!!! Oh my!! This party is an "online" party!!! So you definitely live close enough for this party- on the internet!!! (Isn't the internet an amazing thing?!!!)

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about your next adoption... I look for news about it whenever I check in! :) And, it just so happens, one of my PC gadgets has expired. Can I leave my email here and have you delete it ASAP, Mrs. U?


Mrs. U said...

Hi Leigh!!!
You can leave your email here or email me at theups1atgmaildotcom.

Thank you!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Got it and thanks! Sent you a message. :) Leigh

Naomi's Mom said...

Count me in. I hope they still have those wonderful oven mitts!

Unknown said...

Forward an email to

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I can't promise that I will buy, but you can put me on the list as interested.

God bless,

Mrs. U said...

Hi Elizabeth G!
If you'd like me to send you an e-vite to the online "party" so you could browse, email me at theups1atgmaildotcom. :)

Mrs. U

Samba said...

Yes, I love pampered chef and I do not know of anyone here in the Big Tomato that hosts the parties. I would love to join in on an internet party...I take it since it is a cyber party...any food I consume will not count towards my points?

samba in sac

Christa said...

guess I should leave an e-mail address:

April said...

Mrs. U ~ Are you still wanting to adopt again from China? Please email me if you are because I think I have info that might help. :-)

April said...

Of course if I would read the post maybe you already have decided what you are going to do. :-)

Susan P. said...

Hi Mrs. U, please count me in!! I love Pampered Chef and knowing that it will aid in helping you with your next adoption makes it even so much more wonderful!! What a blessing it would be indeed to have another precious little one like Miss Elizabeth:) Sending prayers heavenward for you all. Much love, Susan P.

Aunt Ruthie said...

Hi, I just found your blog! I love homey and welcoming! God bless you with your adoption plans! I'm gonna go check out Pampered Chef.
Aunt Ruthie

Mrs. U said...

Hi Aunt Ruthie!!
If you'd like to check out Pampered Chef, email me at theups1atgmaildotcom and I'll send you a link. That way, if you find something you like and want to purchase it, our family will get the credit. :)

Mrs. U


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