Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free knitting lessons!!

Gotcha with the title of the blog post, right? I'll bet you are reading along here thinking "Wow! Mrs. U is going to teach us how to knit!!" Nothing could be further from the truth!!!

The truth? Well, the truth is that I just cannot knit. I can crochet, sure, but knitting? Well, that is a different story. But I am DETERMINED to learn to knit. So where do these "Free knitting lessons" come from? Why, YouTube, of course!!!

I knew there tons of videos on YouTube, but I had NO idea that I could receive knitting lessons, too!! What fun!!

So, if you start wondering what I'm doing, I'm over at YouTube, watching knitting videos and hoping that I can "get" knitting. It is SO pretty!!! (Check out Tammy's knitting over at her blog for BEAUTIFUL knitting!!!)

Thank you to Please Don't Call Me For Advice for the YouTube tip!!!


Liska said...

Hi, I just followed your link from RQ's site. You tube is great for knitting videos. You can also google just about any knitting term and get good instructions. I've been knitting up a storm making stuffed animals for our soon to be daughter. You can check them out at my blog (and see a pic of our daughter) at https://www.perusplace.blogspot.com/
Good luck in your knitting!

Melissa said...

Haha, you are too funny! I'm going to look into some Youtube videos myself!

melissa :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this one. I would love to give knitting another try but I'm not ready to make the monetary commitment.

Mimi said...

My daughter taught herself to knit from You Tube. Who knew you could learn so many useful things from there!

Wendi said...

I received knitting supplies for Christmas. Great idea to check out you tube to learn!

Bethanie said...

wow thanks for the tip.
Are you still working on adopting again?

Mrs. U said...

Hi Bethanie!!
We are still praying about where to adopt from next. China changed their adoption requirements and we don't meet the new rules. Sigh. Yes, I had a good long cry about that, but I also know that the Lord clearly told us about China and He will clearly tell us about our next adoption, too. PLEASE pray for us if you think about it- I'm getting VERY antsy and am SO ready for another child!!! :)

Also, I am heading over to your blog to read about your adoption plans!!! Looks like y'all will have a new little one this year for sure!!! I am praying!!!

Mrs. U

April said...

Oh I LOVE knitting. I have been doing it since I was a little girl and can't wait to teach Eliana. I am afraid she is left handed though so maybe I can find a video for lefties.

Oh Mrs. U I am so sorry about China. I have been praying for you and your next adoption and will be adjusting my prayer.

Thumperdd said...

Hey! I'm a knitting "newbie" myself. I never thought of looking to YouTube for knitting tips. Thanks for the great tip!

I justed posted a list of books I've enjoyed learning from. See my blog at http://knittingintherealworld.blogspot.com . Most I checked out in store or at the library.

Best of luck in your knitting endeavors!

glenna marshall said...

I've been knitting up a storm since I watched those videos on YouTube! It's such a good hobby because it's affordable and you end up with something handmade and useful!

Angela said...

Found your blog via 50s housewife. I'm a pastor's wife in the UK.I LOVE knitting. [that picture was beautiful]
Can I recommend "The Knitters Bible" by Claire Crompton [no there is nothing theological in it, sadly] whichis a brilliant resource book and full of great projects for novice knitters


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