Thursday, December 11, 2008

$5 Gift Certificate from Adagio!!!

Guess what, y'all? I just discovered that Adagio Teas has a $5 gift certificate for YOU to use toward YOUR purchase of tea!!

So for any of y'all that missed out on the tea giveaway, feel free to enter your email address and Adagio will send you a $5 gift certificate!! And with it being so cold in some areas of the US, tea would be a great Christmas gift for someone you love OR a gift for you!!


Tammy said...

Where do we enter our email address? Here? I'd love to get a $5 coupon!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Tammy!
Just enter in the white area where to "enter your email here".

I LOVE this tea!

Mrs. U

Mary L. Briggs said...

I love hot tea!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and registering for the giveaway.


Debra LeeBerry said...


I just found your blog through a rabbit trail and The Hope Blog. I tried entering my email in the white area for the $5.00 tea offer and can't seem to get it to work. I'm probably missing something.
Perhaps the offer is over. I'm looking into trying some decaf tea for the Christmas season.

DJ (Deb)

Mrs. U said...

Hi DJ(Deb)!
When you type your email address in the white box, hit enter on your keypad and you will see a message come up that says "Congratulations, please check your email for your $5 gift certificate." Adagio will email you the gift certificate. :)

Nice to meet you, by the way!!

Mrs. U

Joshua said...

It took about an hour before my Adagio coupon came into my inbox. So it just takes a little bit.

Debra LeeBerry said...

It worked, thank you so much! I forget about the enter key. I just checked my email box and it's here already. I want to order some tea soon so it can arrive by Christmas, hopefully. I'm not suppose to drink coffee so I only have a little. My oldest daughter has a sensitive stomach and I'm trying to find some tea both of us might like, and perhaps my other daughter and mother too.

I'm going to look around your blog more. I have enjoyed it very much.

Again, thank you!


Debra LeeBerry said...

Hi again!

I was able to place an order so hopefully it will be here close to Christmas when my mother and sister join my family and me. I ordered samples of decaf Peach, decaf Candy Apple, decaf Candy Cane, and then a blend of decaf Vanilla Chai and also an Orange Creamsicle blend.

I'm wondering, how would I go about offering the $5.00 gift certificate at my blog?

Looking forward to trying them!

Mrs. U said...

Hi DJ!
How exciting!! Adagio will send you an email soon with a UPS tracking number. I LOVE clicking on the link and watching it move closer!!!

I tried to find the link that allows you to insert a gift certificate code, but they all linked back to me and that certainly would not help you!! I think the best thing would be to go to "email us" on the Adagio homepage and ask them about it. They are always so helpful!

I KNOW you will enjoy your tea! Please let me know which ones you love! I always enjoying trying new flavors!

Mrs. U

Unknown said...

Actually I do not own an Etsy store. I love purchasing from Etsy so these are just a few of my favorite things.
SimplySeasonal bakery does very well. We order from her once or twice a month for our customers. Her pumpkin chocolate chip bread is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love hot tea - thanks!

Mimi said...

Hi Mrs. U.

As always, your blog is so lovely! I've never tried Adagio teas.

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.


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