Tuesday, April 29, 2008


These are SUPER cute shoes, aren't they? They are black patent leather Mary Jane's from Stride Rite. They were given to Elizabeth. Worn? Oh yes, they are worn, but there is very little wear on the bottom or the inside of the shoes.

The problem? Can you see those white spots on the shoes? Good grief, I think it's WHITE PAINT!!! Like I said, these were given to us, so I have NO idea how that paint got there.

My question? How in the world do I get that paint off there without ruining the shine?? HELP!!!!! Do I stand a chance of getting it off???

EARTH SHATTERING UPDATE: Okay, so I tried elbow grease, baking soda, and toothpaste. The other suggestions, I did not have. So... I asked Mr. U. You know what he said "Oh. Fingernail polish remover." So, I figured I had nothing to lose, because, well, the shoes were free to begin with. I used a nail polish remover WITH acetone. And you know what? The stuff came right off!! No joke!! The black patent is still as shiny as ever, too!! So, if your child ever gets paint on their patent leather shoes, you will now know how to remove it!

Let's just hope that the shiny patent doesn't dissolve over time!! LOL!!

Thank you all for your help!!!


Meredith said...

I'd probably not worry about the white spots! I'm not picky, and from the photo they look hardly noticeable.

But if you can't gently scrape the little flecks off with a fingernail, you can always try a solvent based paint remover. I, like you, am a little afraid that might also remove the shiny layer of the patent leather.

Paula said...

If all else fails, try a Magic Eraser, although I worry it might remove the patent look.

Anonymous said...

How about trying GooGone? Found at WalMart or local grocer. First try it around the back of the heal area or somewhere less noticeable.


Anonymous said...

... let me add: try it even if there' no paint on the back of the shoe just to make sure it doesn't damage the shine. :)


Dianna said...

Toothpaste, maybe, but try it first to see if it ruins the finish. Or Bar Keeper's Friend?

anita said...

if it's paint, you should be able to just take a wash cloth and water and scrub on them to get them off.

Melissa Ward said...

Finger nail polish remover is also good for the scuff marks they get of their shoes, on both white and black shoes.

Melissa Ward said...

that's scuff marks they get "on" their shoes....

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I would've thought the acetone would have removed the shine! Good tip, Mr.U!!

It amazes me the tidbits of wisdom or knowledge husbands have that we're so unaware of. Haha!

Andrea L.


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