Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Adagio Teas...

Okay, so a good many of y'all know that I have decided to stop drinking my beloved Diet Coke. I had been drinking water only, but Mr. U (the sweetie that he is) knows that I enjoy a good cup of tea and the sweet man ordered the starter set from Adagio Teas for me!!! And me oh me!!! This is some GOOD tea!!!!

In the set came a fun teapot that holds 16 ounces. The design is wonderful and easy to clean (and you can watch the video at the bottom on this link to see how it works!!). The set came with four teas, but you had to choose which kind of tea. I chose the herbal and got rooibos (prounced "roy boss"), chamomile, blood orange and spearmint. Adagio also sent a sample of one of their blends called Bolero. And lo and behold, the blend is my favorite so far!!!

The only problem now is that I have a huge list of all the Adagio Teas that I want to try. Which to try first... Creamy Chai (chai has been my favorite tea for years now!!) or Irish Breakfast or just maybe an oolong???? How do I ever choose which to go first? What a delightful problem to have!


Tracy said...

So, what are you sweetening with? Unsweetened? Sugar? Artificial Sweeteners? Stevia?

That's my whole problem! BTW, you got me to quit Diet Coke, too!

Mrs. U said...

Good question, Tracy!!

If it is a fruity tea, I add only honey (sage honey is my all time favorite!!!).

If it is any other tea, I will add some milk and honey. Yummm..

Mrs. U

Tammy said...

I went to the site and watched the video, but I'm a little confused on how it actually works. Do you plug it in? Put hot water in it?

I was going to order some Adiago teas a while back, but got sidetracked during the ordering process (LOL). My mom has some, and they are really good!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Tammy!!
You do pour hot water into. I put my tea leaves in, pour the hot water in and let it steep. The side of their tea tins actually tell you how long and at what temp to steep each tea. It's wonderful!!!

And after it has steeped the proper amount of time, you just set it on top of any tea cup or coffee mug and the tea drains into your cup. It's great!!!

Mrs. U

Tammy said...

Ok, makes sense now! :-) Thanks!

LadySnow said...

I have always wanted their starter set. That "pot" is a great design. :D

Sandi said...

I LOVE my Adagio teas!!! I got the Oolong sampler. Just adore the cute little tins they come in! I don't sweeten with anything... got used to plain, GOOD tea in China. =)

Enjoy your blog! THANKS!

Tori Leslie said...

I have tried so many times to get into drinking hot tea but it's not for me. Too long in Texas where tea isn't tea without ice. :0)

Mrs. Pear said...

That looks so yummy!

With this pregnancy I gave up my beloved coffee - you have to understand, I have been drinking coffee since I was 16! It was hard! In fact, I even have my own cappuccino maker! It was cheaper than Starbucks once a week when we lived right by a drive through!

And while herbal tea does not have caffeine, the Lipton Orange tea has been an almost substitute...

I am hoping someone brings me a delicious latte to the hospital in September! :-)

Unknown said...

I'll have to check this one out. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Ohh! I absolutely love Adagio Teas and have given sets as gifts. Everyone is so impressed with the brew pitcher.


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