Monday, February 11, 2008

Rich, Whole Grain Crackers....

Can you guess what these are??? They are homemade crackers!! Yes, can you believe it? I, Mrs. U, made CRACKERS!!! And the best part? They are GOOD!!!!!

I was visiting a wonderful blog on Friday called The Nourishing Gourmet. She has some really good information on there! Anyway, she shared a recipe for easy and YUMMY rich, whole grain crackers. I knew I just had to try them, so Saturday I mixed up a batch to let it start "soaking". I rolled them out, cut them and baked them Sunday and SUCCESS- a very good cracker to share with my family!!

I have to be honest. I tried one time before to make crackers and they were a FLOP!! Not only did I not roll them out thin enough, but the taste wasn't very good, either. These, however, are QUITE tasty and I made sure to roll them out thinly. They are now sitting all snug on my counter in a container just waiting to be nibbled on.

If any of y'all try theses, too, let me know. Kimi even shares how you can change the taste for different flavor crackers. YUM!!


Wendi said...

I'll have to give these a try. Megan is going through her cracker stage. All day long I hear cracker, cracker, crackkkkk errrr!
So cute!

Heather Anne said...

I'm going to try these - like you my adventures in homemade crackers were pretty frustrating - until I learned to roll more thinly - and now I have a pasta maker, so maybe I can crank them out with that and get them really crisp! We love to sprinkle sea salt on them before we bake them - and add whole flax seeds for added crunch!

Unknown said...

Those look absolutely beautiful! I have had many cracker failures, also. I finally gave up, because I wanted CRACKERS, not hardtack! LOL! Please, I need to know... Would these be good crumbled in soup? I have been looking for an organic, whole grain cracker to replace saltines AND I want to make them myself. :-D Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. U,

Have you checked out Pioneer Woman? Delish! I found her while checking out these crackers and thought of you~


Mimi said...

Those look wonderful!

Tammy said...

YuMMY those look so good! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. U said...

Heather!! Smart idea about the pasta maker!! If you try it, please let me know how it works!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Ginny, I can't tell you if these would be good in soup because these are almost gone and I just made them yesterday!! HAHAHAHA!!!

If you roll them out thin enough, they are definitely crispier. However, they are not like saltines at all, in my opinion. They taste more like Wheat Thins (YUM!). So, I guess if you would like Wheat Thins in your soup, then you would like these. :)

I hope this helps some!

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Hi Leigh!
I have seen The Pioneer Woman Cooks. YUMMM!!! I love all her photos of each step!! And her lasagna recipe is very good, you should try it!!!

Mrs. U

Julieann said...

YAY!! You did good Mrs. U--They look great--I am going to have try these:)


Cyndi Lewis said...

Gonna have to try these. I've wanted to try making my own crackers for quite a while now.

April said...

These look really yummy. The church I grew up in always had homemade crackers for communion and I just loved them. I always wanted a whole handful. How embarrassing for my mom. I am going to give these a try...who knows maybe they will be like the communion crackers. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. U said...

HAHA!! I can relate April. At my church growing up, we once had a pastor whose wife would make the bread for communion. Boy, would my mouth water when it would be coming my way!! Right before lunchtime, my belly would be growling and I could smell the fresh baked bread!!! It was VERY hard not to rip off a huge hunk and chow down!! LOL!!!

Mrs. U

Kimi Harris said...

Wow, Mrs. U, your crackers turned out beautiful! The kamut made them such a nice buttery color, I will have to try that myself.
And I know what you mean about going through them fast, the three of us went through two batches in a couple of days! We have since then learned a little more control. ;-)


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