Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bread recipes wanted...

My sweet friend (in real life), Melissa, has ventured into making her own bread!! I am so very excited for her. If you head on over to her blog, you can see the yummy pictures that she's posted.

She would LOVE it if you shared your family's favorite bread recipe with her, so please do. There are lots of y'all that have been making your own bread for years and have learned little helpful hints here and there and she would love to learn those, too!!


Mrs. Pear said...

I know I talk about this cookbook a lot, but the More with Less Cookbook is what got me baking my own bread! My favorite is the oatmeal bread!

All the recipes are reliable, and can even handle some substitutions if required!

Also, most libraries have a copy of it if you don't have your own. (But it really is worth it to have your own!)

Mrs. U said...

I have SERIOUSLY got to get a copy of this cookbook, Mrs. Pear. I remember my friend's mother talking about this cookbook about 15 years ago, saying it was the ONE cookbook that she prized above all her others.

I hadn't thought about checking the library. Thank you for mentioning it!

Mrs. U


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