Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I know that most of you reading this blog aren't Chinese nor do most of you celebrate Chinese New Year. We didn't either, until Elizabeth came home. Now that has changed for us.

While we do not follow the zodiac signs, we do want to teach Elizabeth about the history and culture of China. Part of that culture is learning about Chinese New Year and today, February 7, 2008, is the beginning of the New Year on the Chinese calendar... at least for this year, anyway.

We will make lanterns, go to our favorite Chinese restaurant to visit with the owners (who are also from the same province Elizabeth is from, Guangdong), and, most importantly, we will pray for China. Yes, I do pray for China almost daily, but on this special day (and the Moon Festival), I want to make sure that we pray even more for China, for her people, for the government, for the light of Jesus Christ to shine brightly in a dark, dark, land.

So today, if you think about it, please pray for China. Two websites that can help you pray more specifically are Pray for China and The Voice of the Martyrs.

We fell in love with China while we were there. It will always hold a most special place in our hearts and we would love to be able to go back there one day. And if we are never able to return, I know that the Lord is watching over His children there. I know that His purposes will be fulfilled. And I know that He created China for His glory.



Melissa said...

I'm guessing Chinese food today?

Melissa :D

Anonymous said...

would appreciate if you ask for permission before you use this photo from my site.

Mrs. U said...

Lisi, I found the photo on Google. How can I reach to to ask permission???

Mrs. U

Wendi said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! I have my homemade version of lanterns hanging in my kitchen and due to our schedule I will be making a quick, simple dinner to celebrate.

Kelli said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Paula said...

Hello Mrs. U, we also celebrated Chinese New Year by going out to a Chinese restaurant (which served American food also, which was good because the boys really don't like Chinese food that much--should be interesting when we travel). Then we came home and handed them some red envelopes to open. I think they enjoyed the evening.


Anonymous said...

I thought China was a very bright country......I know Hong Kong is.
What do you mean by dark?

Mrs. U said...

Hi Anonymous, what I mean by dark is dark spiritually. There is MUCH persecution of Christians that goes on in China and you can read all about it on the two websites that I linked- Pray for China and the Voice of the Martyrs.

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Did you adopt to have a child to love or to "save" another soul so you could get brownie points to get into heaven?


Anonymous said...

I thought most of China was Budhist
and very spiritual

Anon 1 (not Kate)

Anonymous said...

One does not "earn brownie points" with God to get into heaven. There are orphans all around the world that need families, and adoption is a beautiful way to build a family. Your sarcasm really has no place here.

Mrs. U said...

Oh dear, Kate. Do people actually DO that kind of thing? Adopt so that they think they can earn so-called "brownie points"? How SAD!!!!

We adopted because children are a blessing. Plain and simple. We love children. :)

And, I cannot "save" my daughter. Only God can do that.

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Anon 1, most of China is non-religious. Go to and read the stats on religion in China. Buddhism is not as popular as you think it is. Nor does buddhism make a dark place any brighter. Only Jesus is the Light of the World. :)

Mrs. U

Sofie said...

I am afraid your post is a bit confusing to me as well. I really hope my question does not sound rude. The part that I want to ask about is - what do you plan to tell your daughter about China when she is old enough to understand? Are you going to tell her that her birth country is a dark place and that most likely her birth family is all going to go to hell? That she would also not go to heaven if you had not taught/raised her as a Christian? I understand that you adopted her because you wanted to build your family. I also understand your beliefs - I am a Christian as well, as a Catholic my beliefs are a bit different though. The part I don't understand is how can you teach your daughter to be proud of her heritage when you call it a dark place. You mentioned that you loved China and I can see that you are honoring many cultural holidays, etc.. it just seems that calling it a dark place is such a strong statement. To me that sounds like it is a bad place, something to be ashamed of. There are things about China that I am not proud of as well. I think that when the time comes that I will have to explain to my daughter the how and why of her circumstances that I will be able to do so, still leaving her with positive feelings about her homeland. I'm just wondering how you are going to manage this after viewing the 2 web sites that you posted links to. I totally respect that you have your beliefs, just as I respect the Buddhists and theirs. I would think that considering your beliefs this situation will be a tough one for you. This is really none of my business. Your post really had me thinking though and I wanted to comment. Again, I hope I am not sounding offensive. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what exactly do they need saving from? Hell and Damnation for not picking the "right religion"

who'd want to go to Heaven if that's the case

Budhism is far FAR more loving and just and BRIGHT than most other religions, including yours

I suppose your kid won't get to pick her own faith........

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this as Anonymous because I don't want this to link back to my blog.

I tripped over you blog and your comments about religion took me aback. While it is your blog and you have every right to express your views, it's the way in which you express them that leaves me puzzled.

Everyone has the right to celebrate their religion in any way which they choose, yet you seem to be very adamant that Christianity is the ONLY religion out there and that anyone who does not choose this path is wrong.

I too am adopting from China, but I am Jewish. Our child will be brought up in a Jewish home with Jewish traditions, but will also celebrate her Chinese heritage.

She, at no point in her life, will be taught that her birth country was a 'dark, dark place', nor will she be taught that our religion is the only religion out there.

Anonymous said...

I was directed to this site by chance. I am a Scientologist and an adoptive parent waiting for my daughter in China. We will raise her in the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and teach her that the her birth country is not a dark, dark place because there is no Jesus. Plus, we will celebrate her culture with more than just an egg roll once a year.

Anonymous said...

katie you took the words right out of my mouth.

I'm guessing there is no religious tolerence in your household other than your own. To that, I would call your house a dark dark place.

Mrs. U said...

Hmmmmm....seems like China Adoption Lounge must be talking about little old me today. :)

I am a Christian. A born again follower of Jesus Christ. He chose me, He saved me and made me His own. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."

Truly, y'all, your problem is not with me. Your problem is with Jesus. HE said that He is the Only Way. I'm just quoting Him.

Mrs. U


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