Monday, February 18, 2008

Jasmine is blooming...

The jasmine is blooming profusely this year. It looks so pretty growing all along our backyard fence. This is definitely the best year it has had so far.

The Lord is so kind to give us such beautiful flowers to look at and admire His handiwork.


Melissa said...

I love this picture, it's beautiful!

The Lord is very good to us, indeed!!

Jodi said...

Oh, I love yellow Carolina Jasmine. When we lived in Florida, we had it growing on a trellis in our side garden (along with the white Star Jasmine). If I recall correctly your variety has a lovely scent. Enjoy! :o)

Kelli said...

How beautiful, Mrs. U! And my favorite color too. :0) Spring has arrived in Texas too. Two yards on our street have daffodils!

Cyndi Lewis said...

Wow, outdoor flowers. How beautiful. It snowed six inches at our place last night. I'm afraid outdoor flowers for us are still a couple of months away- at least one month.

Unknown said...

I love those yellow spring flowers.


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