Friday, February 08, 2008

Today's Friday..

So, today is Friday and the weekend is soon underway. What kind of things do you and your family have planned this weekend? We will do the usual on Saturday- sleep in a bit later, we'll probably have biscuits for breakfast and head out to run errands and maybe stop for in our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Sunday, of course, will be spent fellowshipping with the saints at church. We have monthly fellowship groups and this Sunday night is the time for the next group to meet. It's a fun time to meet in a smaller group to talk and get to know each other better.

Today I need to vacuum the house, wash all the bath mats and wash all trashcans, too. It is AMAZING how nasty trash cans can get and it is equally amazing how much nicer they look when they have a good cleaning. :)

Above all, I need to spend time with the Lord. I have been blessed lately by watching sermons online by John MacArthur. The internet can be SUCH a blessing sometimes!!

I pray that everyone has a wonderful weekend with their family!! Spending time with your family and loving them is the best part of making a house a home!!!!


Anonymous said...


We don't have anything unusual planned. We will sleep in a little too (which is SO welcome after a long week!) and there will be some housework-- we will have take out pizza tonight. Something we've been looking forward to.

have a great weekend,


Dianna said...

We'll be unpacking and rearranging furniture and doing little repairs and things . . . it will be fun!

Mrs. U said...

Yum. Take out pizza sounds good, Trixie!! Sometimes it's just the thing, isn't it? :)

Mrs. Mordecai, it'll be NICE to get those little repairs done and off the "to-do" list, won't it! :)

Mrs. U

mommy24treasures said...

Have a wonderful weekend. Ours is different every week. SOmetimes we have very lazy Sats. and sometimes busy ones.

Jenn said...

I love reading your blog.
Our weekends are usually very busy our church has 2 services and out family is apart of the worship team that leads for both services.
Saturday during the day we sleep a bit then do errands and then church at night... then Sunday morning early to church for worship practice and then service. ... the afternoon and evening we either have a quiet time with family or invite some friends or family over.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thanks for your comment. Good luck finding some great magazines. Enjoy your weekend!

Julieann said...

I am going to have to check out the link you provided, and yes the internet is such a blessing and it has helped me learn so much more.--Plus, I got to *Meet* You :)



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