Thursday, November 29, 2007

Frugal Children's Entertainment...

The other day I mentioned that I had let Elizabeth be "entertained" by the TV while I prepared many things in the kitchen for a church event. I really needed to focus on what I was doing, so I let my little sweetheart watch Dora. Okay... so I let her watch it a few times. Ahem.

Anyway, Cyndi over at Modern Christian Homestead offers a GREAT way to keep your children occupied while you are in the kitchen!! I LOVE your idea, Cyndi! And it's frugal to boot!! Thank you SO much for sharing your creative and VERY FUN idea!!!!


Cyndi Lewis said...

Thanks Mrs U.!
I think I had just as much fun watching her.


Paula said...

Thanks for the link. This is the way I played as a child - we played for hours! We're going to have foster kids in our home soon and this idea would be perfect. It's been 20 years since having kids in the house.

JoAnn in NJ said...

Hey Mrs. U,
I've been following along your blog for awhile and I also have a daughter from China. We've been home 20 months now and Kelsey is almost 2.5

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with allowing Kelsey to watch her beloved Dora and Diego when we're home together. She's never glued to the set, but likes to do other things while having the show play on the background. But the shows are teaching her Spanish.

Can't wait until NiHao Kai Lan comes one so she can pick up Mandarin (Mommy too!)

Folks, you can agree with me or not, in the end I make the choices for my child. and she's happy, well adjusted and whip smart :)

I think the cardboard box idea is really cute, but we invested in a nice kitchen for Kelsey's 2nd birthday present. She loves it and plays a lot with it.

Miss Julianne said...

I love it. Kids can have way too much stuff sometimes. When I was little, I would have had a blast playing with a cardboard kitchen. Especially if I were allowed to add my own "decorations" and color on it as I played! (unlike the real kitchen or an expensive store-bought toy kitchen!)

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

her age loves water play. give her small plastic cups and small plastic containers with water, she will play for a long time.

bunches of yarn said...

Hi, wanted to let you know that I found you from Jewels' blog, and have been coming by for several weeks. Maybe I posted a comment before under a 'pen' name, but now I have a blog. You, as well as Jewels have inspired me. Thank you.

Heather Anne said...

My dad gets machines in huge boxes and out kids have had so much fun with those when we visit Poppa and Grammy. When we took delivery of our last major appliance, we asked to keep the box - the guys threw in 8 other boxes and we had a cardboard village on our side porch for about 2 months - until the rain made it a mushy village. I recycled the soggy cardboard by making a garden - 'lasgna style' - just putting the boxes on a spot of lawn and loading on soil, leaves, compost, etc.. The funny thing is that this kids still call it the 'village garden' and I've never had a blade of grass grow through! It's all good!

Doug and Terrye said...

Dear Mrs U,
I have missed your blog posts! Is everything OK?

Terrye in FL

Julieann said...

What a cute idea!!!

P.S. I let my kids watch TV too :)


Anonymous said...

Hi friend- Haven't "seen" you in awhile and hope all is ok. I tried emailing too but it keeps getting sent back my way. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Love- Gretche


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