Friday, November 09, 2007

Miss Laurie's Smart Guide to House Cleaning ...

I stumbled across a WONDERFUL website recently. The website is called Miss Laurie's Smart Guide and Miss Laurie has a DVD on, get this, a common sense approach to cleaning your home!! How great is that??? How many ladies do you know that could benefit from a DVD actually teaching them HOW to clean and WHY things should be done certain ways?

Here's what the website says about the DVD...
Whether you're clueless about cleaning or just want to learn more, here's a common sense approach to cleaning for your own home or a home you care for.

-Organize your cleaning time and tasks.
-Learn the specifics needed to attack the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and laundry.
-Don't fire your help (the kids, your mate or your maid) them the video!

Remember, it's a great gift for high school grads, new brides and grooms or a messy mensch.

Okay, so I am not just telling y'all this because it sounds like a neat DVD or anything. I'm telling y'all this because I HAVE the DVD and LOVE it!! Miss Laurie offers soo many practical tips and cleaning tidbits. The only thing I didn't like about the DVD was that it was too short! LOL!! I love learning about taking care of my home and Miss Laurie had such wonderful ideas and helps, I could have sat and watched about a lot longer!!!

I've already started using some of Miss Laurie's tips. Y'all just head on over and visit with Miss Laurie. A DVD on how to clean your home- I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you, Miss Laurie, for sharing this with us!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea. I'll check it out.

Cyndi Lewis said...

My oldest daughter (11) needs this. She's a head in the clouds girl who hates chores. I can't see much excitment if she opened this for Christmas but it would make an excellant hope chest beginning! Thanks for the heads up!

50s Housewife said...

The DVD looks great! I love anything that helps me take better care of my home. Thank you!


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