Friday, December 21, 2007

3 weeks and 1 day...

3 weeks and 1 day... that's how long it's been since I've blogged. OH DEAR!!!!

I'm still here, just BUSY!! I know, I know, I'm not the only one that gets super duper busy this time of the year. It just seems like Christmas really got here quickly this year!

What have I been doing since I last posted? Well, I actually was at my parents' house when I last blogged. I don't know if y'all remember or not, but I asked for prayer for my mom in the beginnging of November. I stayed with them for a week after Thanksgiving to hopefully help them out a little bit. Elizabeth and I were blessed to be with them a week. I don't think we were much help at all, but it was wonderful being able to do anything at all for my parents. Even in their very difficult times, they still praise the Lord. What a testimony their lives are!! If y'all think about it, please keep praying for them. With my mom having to deal with the pain after shingles, this is a VERY long road to recovery.

After we returned home, things have been a whirlwind of activity. We bought our Christmas tree and decorated it. This is Elizabeth's first Christmas and it makes me sad to think that last Christmas she was sitting in a bed, all alone in the orphanage in China, never having heard about Jesus Christ. But this year we get to celebrate Jesus' birthday TOGETHER!!!!

She wasn't too sure what was up with the tree, but now she LOVES it and enjoys playing with all the low-hanging ornaments (child safe ornaments!!!).

Mr. U and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on the 12th of December. 9 years!!! WOW!!! When I think of our married life, it has FLOWN by!! He is such an AWESOME man of God and I cannot believe that I am the lucky girl that got to marry him!!! WOOOHOO!!!!

Joshua will turn 20 (yikes!!!) this coming Sunday. Twenty. Where has the time gone? When Mr. U and I met, dear Joshua was a small 10 year old boy. I immediately fell in love with him when he wanted to snuggle up next to me and tell me all about his life. He has become such a wonderful, godly man. Some girl is going to be INCREDIBLY blessed one day to become his wife. (Good gracious!!! I'm crying now just thinking about that!!!!).

This is Joshua. He's going to kill me for sharing his picture, but good grief!! He is one cute guy!!! How could I NOT share his photograph? :)

It's still going to be a whirlwind of activity around here for a while, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I LOVE being with my family and I love all the busyness that comes from making our house a home. I LOVE being Mrs. U.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back! Some of us were getting a bit worried. Merry Christmas!

Paula said...

Mrs. U, it is good that you are back, and glad that your mother is slowly on her road to recovery. Merry Christmas!!


Dianna said...

It's lovely to hear from you again! Being too busy to blog isn't always a bad thing . . . it just means you have more of a life than the rest of us. :) Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for your return! Hope you know what a blessing you are to many dear friend! Merry Christmas! Love, Gretchen

Cyndi Lewis said...

How special for your family to get to share a first Christmas with Elizabeth. She is blessed! Have a very Merry Christmas.

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Joshua! It sounds like you've been very busy! Have a Merry Christmas with your family.
Love and hugs,

Shari said...

that is so neat! my anniversary was on 12/20! December is just a nice month to get married. My hubbie and I celebrated our 5th.

Wendi said...

I was beginning to wonder about you!

I have been pushing the thoughts of Megans first Christmas out of my mind. I am already crying everytime I think about what a blessing she has been to our life.

Glad to hear that you are living a busy yet happy life!

Job said...

ohmygosh. he is gorgeous! And such a man, now! happy belated.


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