Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Me? Sew?

Shoved in the FAAAAAAR corner in my bedroom, where no one else can see it but me... sits my sewing machine. Yes. It's true. I own a sewing machine. I did not buy it, mind you. A very sweet lady at my church found out I didn't have one and she bought it for me. I've tried to sew a few things here and there, but I just don't seem to "get it". So, there it sits... in the corner... with fabric and old homeschool material piled on top (goodness, I have GOT to clean that corner!! LOL!!!)

Alas! What is THIS? Well, it's a sewing machine case (as if you can't read)!!! A friend of mine recently was telling me about some sewing lessons that she is going to take and I could probably get involved in the lessons, too!! I decided I needed to purchase a case so that I could carry it to and from the lessons. I found it at Walmart for only $17.83!! I can't wait!!

Maybe, just maybe I'll actually learn to sew!!!!! And hopefully that horribly cluttered corner will be neat and tidy, too!!


Melissa said...

haha, kinda reminds me of my "piano" in the corner I was suppose to be learning how to play! haha!

That's so neat that you wanna learn how to start sewing! You should definitely go with your friend to lessons. It's so much more motivating and fun when friends go together!

Lulu said...

hope you have fun learning to sew..i think its a great craft..

Lyndy said...

I too would like to learn how to sew. Am I actually saying that? lol

My grandmother could sew anything. You could give her a picture and she could sew it right up without a pattern.

Alas, my mom and I did not get that gene and we do good to sew on a button. (lol)

HsKubes said...

Yea for you! Sewing can be such fun. I had no idea how to sew until about 5 years ago. I, too, took a basic beginner class and then went from there. Have fun! Can't wait to see what things you sew up.

~ Christina

Jthemilker said...

I too have a sewing machine lacking use. Mostly I lack the patience for those kinds of projects, but I've managed to make my Granny proud on more than one occasion. Perhaps you might inspire me? Who knows?

Lean Not said...

I have a sewing machine, but I have not really made anything since I was a teenager. However, I have determined to make a dress this summer. I found a pattern and some fabric, and I am so excited!

Here is a struggle that I had at the fabric store, though -- I would love some suggestions. I looked through all of the pattern books, and they barely had *any* dresses that were simple, modest, classic styles. There were a *ton* of fad styles or revealing clothing, but only about one "modest, classic" dress from each company. And to be honest, those dresses are really generic and don't look that flattering.

I'm not trying to find an old-fashioned frumpy style, but just something . . . normal! Any ideas? I was shocked to see what little selection there was, even from the major pattern companies.

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

My sewing machine, that I have owned for about 4.5 years has gotten used only 2-4 times. I am hoping to be able to take sewing lessons as well. I have so much to learn!

Jenn said...

That's exciting! I want to learn how to sew one day too.

Jenn4Him said...

I am hoping to get a sewing machine before winter. I have never sewn, but I come from a family who can! I also want my daughter to learn. We can learn together! Keep us posted on how your lessons go.


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