Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lovely day...

Today has been such a LOVELY day!! This is the kind of weather that I am SURE Heaven has all the time! :)

We woke up to cool weather. A cup of hot coffee felt mighty good in our hands this morning. After Miss E's morning nap, we headed off to meet some friends for lunch. By the time lunch was over, it had warmed up and the sky has been soooo blue with beautiful puffy white clouds scattered about. There is a breeze blowing and you can hear the birds chirping "Glory to God! Glory to God!!". If you stand in the sun, you'll get too hot, but on our back porch, it felt juuuust right.

Elizabeth and I decided to take the advice of Heather and Mrs. B and give my sad ferns a haircut and fertilize and water them good!! After that, little miss took her nap while I enjoyed the outside weather but from the INSIDE of my home- I opened the windows while I cleaned!! I LOVE having the windows open!! Not only does the house get a good "airing out" but I love the feeling of having the outside inside.

Such a lovely day, indeed!!


Wendi said...

I am glad you had such a lovely day. I also love to have the windows open. It smells so nice!

Kelli said...

It sounds like your day was wonderful!! It's so nice to let that springtime air in!

Anonymous said...

Aren't days like that wonderful?! We just had a few hours of terrific thunderstorms and lightning. Everything is so beautiful, fresh and green!


Chrissy said...

I'm fortunate enough to have two sets of french doors on the back of my house. In the afternoon we get a lovely breeze from the marsh and I leave the doors wide open. I've yet to run my AC this year and for us that's huge....

By the way, I promise I haven't forgotten you tagged me ;0)


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