Monday, January 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook... January 12th, 2009...

FOR TODAY- Monday, January 12, 2009...

Outside my window... the sun is slowly starting to come up. In the back of the house, I can see the slight sunrise. In the front of the house, I can still see the full moon, round and shiny.

I am thinking... what a busy day I have today! I am taking Elizabeth to meet one of her friends (and her mommy) so they can play and then have lunch together.

I am thankful for... electric blankets!! Last night was chillier than it has been lately and I was SO happy to get into my warm bed!!

From the kitchen... Tonight we are having a ladies fellowship at church. The theme is "Comfort food" and I am taking meatloaf and pop tarts! HAHA! Yep, pop tarts! (I'll have to blog about pop tarts another day!)

I am wearing... a tan skirt, brown knit shirt and brown ballet type shoes.

I am creating... a huge mess of jumbled up yarn that is SUPPOSED to be knitting!! This doesn't come as naturally to me as it apparently does to some of y'all!! OH MY!!!

I am going... to run errands this morning and to meet Elizabeth's friend and her mother.

I am reading... Tea With Jane Austen LOVE IT!!!

I am hoping... that Elizabeth gets over her icky sinus stuff soon!

I am hearing... nothing. Everyone else is still asleep on this chilly morning. The only thing I hear is the gentle hum of the heater and the clicking of the keys on the computer.

Around the house... Today will be laundry after we get back home from lunch and errands.

One of my favorite things... affiliate programs!! Vision Forum just mailed out our first check for being in their affiliate program!! We are currently saving up for our next adoption and this will go into our adoption savings account!!!!(See the top of my right side bar for Vision Forum.)

A few plans for the rest of the week: just regular things this week- cleaning, laundry, groceries, cooking. BUT... my sweet friend and her new husband are supposed to be coming over Friday night! I am SO excited!!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

(Yes, I know this is an out of season photo, but this is the best photo I have of Elizabeth and her friend, Mason-Kate, that we're having lunch with today.)

You can enjoy more Simple Woman's Daybook at Peggy's blog. Have a blessed day, y'all!


HsKubes said...

An adorable photo!
Thank you for sharing the book you're reading. I have a new book on my list to purchase. ;o)
I hope you have a wonderful week!

~ Christina

Jennifer said...

What adorable girls!

(And I'm thankful for electric blankets, too. :))

Paula said...

Such a cute picture! Enjoy your week. ;)

Tammy said...

Love your entry - the photo is so cute! I posted the muffin recipe for you. :-)

Wendi said...

Cute picture! Hope you enjoy your lunch.

Anonymous said...

Very cute photo.

Good luck with saving for your next adoption. I hope your savings add up quickly and the process runs smoothly!


Paula said...

Beautiful picture.

Mimi said...

I enjoyed your daybook entry for this week. What a cute photo.

I'm creating a crochet project that's going slightly astray! Here's to untangling yarn and trying again!

Melissa said...

I like your Daybook! I thought about doing one...but was afraid it would be boring :P

I'm so excited about seeing you and Miss. E this Friday. Yippeee!

Melissa :D

Thumperdd said...

Amen on the electric blanket! Nothing worse than a COLD me the shivers just thinking about that.

Don't give up on the knitting project. I have confidence in you!

What a beautiful little girl you have. The best things come in small packages.

In Christ,

Salsygirl said...

I miss you...

Beth and Ryan said...

Very cute pix of the girls! We had a great time today...Mason-Kate was one tired little girl after all of the running she did with Elizabeth. We really enjoy your friendship! Have a good week. Hope the Pop Tarts were a hit.

Kathy Butryn said...

I love your blog! It's always delightful to read other women's daybook, thanks for sharing.

melissab said...

How about "I am praying..."?


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