Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My favorite comic strip- For Better or For Worse... is ending...

For YEARS, I have read the comic strip For Better or For Worse. Sadly, as I read the strip on Saturday, it ended with a note from the cartoonist, Lynn Johnston, saying "This concludes my story...with grateful thanks to everyone who has made this all possible".

IT'S OVER?????? It just CAN'T be over!!! With these thoughts running rampant in my head, I did what anyone in my situation would do. I googled it.

There it was on the For Better of For Worse website. A letter from Lynn sharing why this comic strip is ending. I must admit, after reading her letter, it made sense to me. The strip has gotten complicated and busy over the years and she wants to simplify it. I understand.

So, thank you Mrs. Johnston, for all the wonderful years of really enjoying the Patterson family! I started reading it back when they had Farley the dog. I was just a child then, but Farley is my maiden name and that's what first got my attention. I will always wonder how much longer does Grandpa live? Does April become a veterinarian? Do Elizabeth and Anthony truly have a happily ever after?? But, since you won't be answering these, Mrs. Johnston, I will assume that everything turns out just like it would in a perfect world.

I do look forward to the new direction you will be taking. But I must admit, I sure will miss the way things were.


Wendi said...

That is one of my favorites also. Along with The Family Circus.

I wonder if you might have missed a strip. The strip that Chuck brought home to me last night answered some of your questions. I tried to find the strip online and could not.

"Elly and John Patterson retired to travel, to read, to volunteer in their community and to help raise their grandhildren!"

"Granpa Jim lived to welcome Anthony and elizabeth's first child, James Allen. Jim passed away at the age of 89, with his wife, Iris, at his side."

"Elizabeth continues to work as a teacher. She's devoted to her work and to her family, loving anthony more each day."

"Anthony manages's the Mayes Motors Empire, has drawn his bride into ballroom dancing, and looks forward to opening a small bed and breakfast."

"Michael Patterson had 4 books in pring before signing a fim contract. He continues to work with Josef Weeder and to write from home - where he says his inspiration and his confidence lie."

"Deanna worked as a pharmacist until she began a small sewing school. She taught son Robin how to cook. Their daughter Meredith went into dance and theater. The family goes annually to the Montreal 'Just for Laughs' Festival."

"April Patterson graduated from the University with a degree in veterinary medicine. Her love of horses lef her to a jog in Calgary and an opportunity to work with the Calgary Stampede. Country living and a country boy keep her "out west"!"

As sad as I am that it ended, I thought it ended well.

I'll stop writing my book now....

Mrs. U said...

Hi Wendi!!
No, I didn't seen this particular strip!!!! Oh I wish I had!! Do you know what day's paper it was in?????? I hate that I missed this! :(

Thank you for sharing this!

Mrs. U

Misty said...

I haven't read the comics in quite awhile, sadly, but I did always love this strip. Sad days!

Kim said...

It didn't technically end. It's starting over and Lynne will make changes as it goes.

Here's a link to the comic Wendi told you.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. U,

Thanks for letting us know about this. I don't get to read the comics regularly anymore but when I did "For Better or For Worse" was my very favorite!

You can read the last strip HERE. Scroll down to the very bottom--it's the last one. (o:


~Tammy~ said...

Family Circus and Blondie are my favs...I would hate to see them go!

Mrs. U said...

Thank you VERY much, Kim and Michele! I am SO glad that I got to read that!! :)

Mrs. U

Mrs. Pear said...

It made me so sad to read the stories ending! But I love how she let us know that everyone is happy and how things ended.

I grew up with these people - I figure I am younger than mike and older than Elizabeth. Roughly. And I got all the Canadian references, they both made me homesick and made me feel better.

It was nice to hear that I was not the only disappointed one!

Mrs. U said...

Mrs Pear,
Since you are from Canada, how do you pronounce the name of the town that Elizabeth taught school in for a while? I think it was north of where her family lived??

I have SUCH a hard time reading something when I can't pronounce one of the words! HAHA!!

Mrs. U

Melissa said...

Mrs. U,

That's funny that the same questions you asked were answered my Ms. Johnson! How neat!


PS: This strip was worth reading. I can't say that much about most of them nowadays.

Michelle said...

So sorry!!

Love your blog, just found it in my favorites folder today!

Tori Leslie said...

Oh I'm so sorry!
I haven't read the strip, don't have it in Croatia you know!
You can always go back and reread the old ones. :0)

Have a great day.

Rachel said...

This is my favorite comic strip too. I am so sad to see it end. I look forward every day to reading it and was really caught up in the characters. =)

Julieann said...

WOW!! I remember reading them when I was a child--comics were wonderful--I have not seen that comic strip in ages--but I remember that was the only one that the kids were growing up--in all the other comic strips things stayed the same--wasn't there a cartoon on TV about them?



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