Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now showing- paperwhites

I just LOVE when spring flowers start blooming!!!!!

Although it is quite cold here, springtime bulbs are starting to open already to remind us that the Lord is soon going to be sending the next season our way.

These are paperwhites. They are in the daffodil family. While I usually see paperwhites in the section with other bulbs, like amaryllis, to grow "by force" indoors each winter, I like to plant mine outside with my daffodils. Every flower in the daffodil family makes me SOOOO very happy when I see them. They are a sweet reminder to me that even though things may seem gray and cold, the Lord is always in control and will soon send His change of season to us soon!!

Daffodils are probably my most favorite flower of all. How happy, sunshiny and smiley they are!!!


Susan P. said...

Mrs. U, another thing we have in common! Daffodils are my very favorite flower, too! Mr. P says he get's off easy because I prefer them over roses:) LOL

Janice said...

Oh how pretty! They are a reminder of spring on the way! Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Oh, I absolute adore daffodils. I eagerly await their arrival every spring. I loved it when we lived farther north; we could visit our family in the South and see them blooming early, and then we still got to enjoy them all over again when they bloomed at home. Thanks for posting such a beautiful picture!

Crescent said...

Ah...spring...for me it's a good two months away here in Central Washington State. But, spring is my favorite season and I'll enjoy it now with you and again in a few months.

Paula said...

Beautiful flower, I must agree. Are you the talented photographer? Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty!! I can't wait for spring. Except I could do without the pollen!

theups said...

Spring. Spring. Spring. I had such lovely hopes for Spring. Until today. Today it is freezing cold and icey. Ick. No fun. Where did my sunshiney, spring-like weather go??? Well, at least the photo of my daffodils (which are now dead as of today) reminds me that I had an absolutley lovely spring-like day recently...

And helpmate, thank you for the compliment. Any good photography you see is only because of a really nice camera (Christmas and birthday gift combined) and the Lord's awesome creation!!

Mrs. U


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