Saturday, January 27, 2007

6 weird things about me…

Okay... I was tagged about a week ago by Jordin and I am just now posting this. It took a while to narrow all the weird things about me to only 6. LOL!!!

6 weird things about me…

1) When I get Taste of Home magazine, I first look through it backwards AND upside-down at the same time. I simply CANNOT bear to look at the recipes until I find that hidden toothpick!!!!! Drives me NUTS!!!

2) I MUST have dishes in the dishwasher facing the same direction.

3) I do NOT like monkeys. Something about them gives me the creeps.

4) I cannot stand being licked by a dog. Ewwww!!!!!

5) I do not like ANY kind of seafood. At all. If it’s in water, I’m not touching it.

6) I cannot sleep in an unmade bed. The sheets have to be pulled tightly with no bunching and tucked in all nice and neat.


Tammy said...

#1 is so funny to me. I have *never* found that toothpick! I haven't had a sub to the magazine either, but my grandma used to get it. I would look all over for that silly toothpick and *never, ever* did I find it once! =)

Paula said...

I can't ever find the toothpick! My 8yo daughter puts me to shame finding it very quickly.

I'm the same as you about the dishes. I have a particular spot in the dishwasher for each item. Drives me nuts if someone else loads it. :)

Erin said...

I noticed on a post a few days ago you were looking for cute aprons...thought I'd share a link!
Haven't bought anything from here yet (still saving up ;)) but I've heard from another lady that they are great!

:) Erin

Kim said...

What toothpick? I can't believe I don't know what it is!

Kim said...

Some of those are weird things! No seafood???? LOl!

I liked your list!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting on our adoption blog. We live in Kennesaw Ga at the moment..Great blog and I am glad I stopped by

Kelli said...

Eww..I don't like being licked by dogs either and I totally agree with you about the bed!

Anonymous said...

I just love Taste of Home! So many great ideas.


Julieann said...

(Giggles) Those were fun to read. I can not stand to be licked by a dog either--yucky.



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