Friday, June 05, 2009

What we've been up to...

Yep, we've been painting!!! And BOY is it NOT fun!!! At least, the kitchen isn't fun. There are so many little nooks and crannies in a kitchen. Plus, we are painting over wallpaper (you can kind of see the wallpaper under the primer in this picture). I am SO happy to get rid of the wallpaper!!!

Oh, and the color we chose? Tobacco Road recommended by The Nester. LOVE IT!!

This is taking longer than I expected, since we're only working at night when Elizabeth is in bed. I SOOO look forward to the kitchen being back to normal and having pretty, new wall!!!!


~Karen_ said...

Is there any special trick to painting over wallpaper? We have wallpaper that is peeling in spots and discolored in others. I would rather paint rather than replace wallpaper!

Tammy said...

We have been remodeling our home for a few years now (long story) and I use to like to paint but after painting and painting and painting well it's safe to say it's not my favorite thing to do. LOL

God Bless,

Melissa said...

Well, no wonder you wait until Elizabeth goes to bed! She would learn the fine art of writing on the walls! *tsk tsk* hehe!

I am loving the color! I bet it is going to look COMPLETELY different! I can't wait to see it once you are finished! You need to do a painting-over-wallpaper tutorial!

Melissa :D

Mrs. U said...

Oh dear. K, I am NO expert when it comes to painting, especially when it involved painting over wallpaper!!! I did know that I needed a primer on top of the wallpaper and a recent show on HGTV (can't remember which one) mentioned using oil based primer on top of wallpaper, so I bough oil based Kilz primer. Then I painted 2 coats of paint on top of the primer.

If the wallpaper was peeling anywhere, I just pulled it off and then would sand (if needed) that area to smooth it out and then use primer on top of that.

This is probably NOT helpful at all, but this is what we have done.

Now... I just need to figure out how to get oil based primer off my laminate flooring.... sigh...

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Oh, and let me add another thing.... painting the kitchen has made it seem so much more up-to-date than before. I mean, late 80s wallpaper doesn't speak 2009 at all, you know?

But now that the kitchen is looking more up-to-date, I am noticing the rest of the house needs help!! OH NO!!! HAHA!

Mrs. U

Melissa said...

"But now that the kitchen is looking more up-to-date, I am noticing the rest of the house needs help!! OH NO!!! HAHA!"

You've created a monster that won't go away! Muuu HAHA HAAA! :P

~Karen_ said...

Thanks! I really don't want to take down old wallpaper and put up new stuff. Especially because it seems to get scratched or starts peeling very quickly. I'd rather try painting over it and see how it looks, maybe adding a border near the ceiling.

Please let us see the "after" photo when you are all done!

Mrs. U said...

Hi K!
I will definitely post an "after" photo. It's been hard, but so far, it is a BAZILLION times better!!!

When you paint yours, you need to be sure and let me know! I'd LOVE to see it!!

Mrs. U

~Me said...

Painting is FUN! Don't be fooled, how else can you completly change a room with so little money?

Oh and K, if you're wallpaper is peeling in spots I would recommend getting a little bit of wallpaper glue and regluing those parts to the wall. It'll give you a more even surface to work with. Killz primer is the BEST to go over wallpaper, just remember you may need more coats of paint to cover any pattern in the wall paper. Also if the wall paper is shiny you may still be able to see the pattern through the paint no matter what you do. Good luck!



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