Monday, June 08, 2009


I'm pretty sure that this photo will not stay on my blog much longer. Joshua doesn't know that I put it up. HA!


Anyway, my dear sweet son, Joshua, is a student at Liberty University and is on the Dean's List AGAIN!!! He always tells me "Mom, it's no big deal. Anyone can get on the Dean's List. Really."

*I* never got on the Dean's List. So there.

I am just super excited for him (AGAIN) and wanted to shout it out here for all y'all to read and know about!!!

Now... enjoy this post for a bit... He just may ask me to take it down later!!!


TK said...

way to go Josh! I never made the Dean's list either.
Proud of him.

We will be up there Father's day weekend. Maybe we can catch up.

The adventure of a redneck mommy. said...

what a handsome young man.. he will make a good catch some day..

Autumn said...

Congratulations all around... it IS a very big deal!

Tammy said...

That's awesome! :-)

Betsy Brock said...

Good for him! Handsome, guy, too!

Wendi said...

Congratulations Joshua!

Melissa said...

Congratulations, Josh! It IS a big deal! You should be very proud...but I know you're that won't happen. :D

Mrs. U: And to think, he has been working full-time most of his college "career." That makes it an even BIGGER deal....I whined because I had to work part-time while attending school :D

Paula said...

Way to go, Joshua! :)

Charree said...

Great job Josh!

Doug and Terrye said...

I went to Liberty MANY years ago! I never got on the dean's list, but my mom received a letter saying that I did not receive any demerits (my best friend/roommate worked in the dean's office and dropped anything with my name on it in the "circular file")! :)

Terrye in FL

momstheword said...

Congrats to him, I'll bet you're proud. That's pretty cool!

I recently bragged about my college aged son's 4.0 GPA on my blog. Wasn't sure what he'd think of that either.

He has the same reaction "No big deal!"


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