Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me and my tea...

I just placed an order for more of my beloved Adagio Tea. When you order from them, you acquire points and you can get a gift certificate with those points to use toward your next purchase. Here's the sweet note that Adagio sent with my gift certificate...

Dear Mrs. U,

The good news is: You now have a $12 gift certificate.

The bad news is: You're officially addicted to our teas :)

- Adagio Teas

HOW DID THEY KNOW????????????????????


Tammy said...

LOL That's funny.

I've not ordered from them but I've wanted to! I haven't been drinking a lot of tea lately anyhow, maybe later this winter I'll feel more like tea! :-)

Melissa said...

That is so funny! I love how personable they are! That's sweet!

Melissa :D

Dana said...

Thanks for visiting my post. It's always nice to meet other women. And thanks for the suggestions. I have just started to come out of my shell and recently started going to church. I attend every possible thing they have so I am getting to know all the people:)

Tori Leslie said...

Oh that's too funny!!!
I guess if you have to have an addiction this is a good one!

Kelli said...

hehehe....they are pretty smart! ;0)


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