Friday, October 17, 2008

Challenge- Clean your shower!!

Okay, y'all. Let's get honest here. When was the last time you cleaned your shower??

It has come to my attention lately, that showers are quite often neglected in house cleaning. Why is that? Is it because people think that no one will go in your bathroom and see the mess? Is it because people think that you can just pull the shower curtain closed and you can forget what lurks behind it? Is it because it's so far gone, that you feel like there's no help for your poor shower?

While I know that most of us have not allowed our showers to get to the point of the one in the photo, some of us aren't faithful about cleaning the shower every week. Hey, cleaning them every MONTH would be better than cleaning it once or twice a year!!!

So the challenge for this weekend is to CLEAN YOUR SHOWER!!! Clean the walls, clean the tub, clean the floor of the shower! MAKE IT SHINE!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it's been a while since you've cleaned your shower, it might take a good bit of elbow grease to get it clean. It might take a bit of time, too. But it is WORTH it!! Just think how happy your family will be when a sparkling shower greets them in the morning!!!

And the best part? Once you scrub and get it super clean, all it takes is weekly (yes, monthly would work, too) cleaning to keep it in tip top shape. For my weekly shower cleaning, I use an old washcloth and cheap shampoo. Yes, you heard me right- cheap shampoo. I just keep a bottle in the shower and then, when it's time to clean, I'll put shampoo on the washcloth and start cleaning the walls (and yes, I rinse the bubbles off the wall after I've given them a good scrub). Because I do it weekly, it is not hard AT ALL to clean the walls nor does it take long. The soap scum that you will encounter if you are just cleaning the shower for the first time in a while, will NOT build up if you clean your shower walls weekly.

I also clean the bathtub part of the shower twice a week. I use baking soda for that because I don't want Elizabeth bathing in harsh chemicals!!!

So don't just sit there thinking about it! Get up and get moving!! Clean your shower this weekend!! Your family will thank you!!


Anonymous said...

I accept the challenge!!! My shower will be sparkling by this time tomorrow!

Do you use a daily shower spray? Do you have a favorite homemade "recipe"?

Leslie :)

Raine said...

I just deep cleaned my bathrooms & kitchens today, but thanks for the reminder.

One thing that I've found that helps immensely is to keep an old sponge or rag in or near the shower, and just use a bit of shampoo to wipe it down while you're still in the shower. It keeps it clean, without taking extra time [with long hair, you can do this while letting conditioner soak into it].

Also, using a squeegee to dry things, and leaving the door or curtain open to get air circulating will help keep it clean too. [We have a stall shower, and adding a window fan to the bathroom for "exhaust" and letting it dry with the door open has helped a bunch].

Mrs. U said...

Hi Raine!!
Thank you for your very helpful tips! And congratulations on having a shiny bathroom AND kitchen today!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Good call! I just cleaned mine on Wednesday. With an old clawfoot tub I don't have walls to worry about, but I do have curtains on both sides that needed a wash, plus the tub. It's not fun taking the curtains off and on, but it's always very refreshing. :)


Mrs. Homemaker said...

Oh how funny! I need to do mine, but I did just spend 2 hours cleaning a friend's upstairs bathrooms. She has hired me to clean, and the whole time I was scrubbing everything down, I was thinking of how glad I was that once the deep clean was over, I would just need to do a quick wipe down every week! (I love getting paid to clean!)

Charree said...

I just cleaned my shower on Wednesday. I do the FlyLady cleaning routines. Before FlyLady I had a hard time getting to all of the hidden areas of my house. But since I discovered it, no dust bunny is safe.

Have a great weekend!

Tracy said...

Twice a week for me. Similar to you, I use a microfiber cloth and Palmolive. I clean it down after I'm done showering and it works beautifully. Alos, drying the shower after every use makes it REALLY easy to clean.

Susan P. said...

Mrs. U, when did you sneak into my bathroom without me seeing you? lol Thanks for some much needed inspiration:o)

Tori Leslie said...

Oh wow, how did you get that picture of my shower???

Luckily that's not my shower and I'm actually okay on this one.

Thanks for the motivation!

Happy Lord's Day!

Gullett Circus said...

Thanks for the challenge, my husband was so thankful to come home to a clean shower!

Eve said...

Oh my - I clean mine frequently (mostly because I love a nice relaxing bath), but just looking at that photo makes me want to run to the bathroom and scrub mine down again!

Anonymous said...

And to add to that, put cheap hair conditioner on the walls and especially the glass shower door if you have that too. Then rinse. It helps keep the soap scum to a minimum...and it's easier to clean the next time!


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