Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's here! It's here!!!

Ever since I decided to stop drinking Diet Coke, Mr. U has been gracious to buy some REALLY nice tea for me to enjoy. Now, I've always enjoyed a good cup of tea, but Adagio has some INCREDIBLE teas, let me tell ya!!

This lovely order just arrived today. Aaaahhhh... TEA!!!! Looks like I'm set for a while!

In case anyone is curious, this order included:
-5 3 8 Wedding Blend
-black tea sampler
-Bolero Blend
-Citron Green (sample)
-Irish Breakfast
-Oolong #18 (sample)
-Birthday Tea Blend (sample)- this actually has little sprinkles in it! Just like on a cupcake!! Too cute!!!

(No, I do not work for Adagio nor do I earn referral money from them- sad, yes, I know.)


Tammy said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all that tea! Woohoo! =) May I come over for a cup of tea? ;-)

Mrs. U said...

Oh Tammy!! PLEASE come over!! And bring your sewing machine, too! And Kevin, definitely bring Kevin. He and Mr. U can keep each other company and you and I can talk for hours!! We'll even cook up an Indian feast for them, too!

Mrs. U

zetor said...

Your teas look interesting, I wonder which one you'll like best. Thankyou for your birthday wishes on my blog.

Donna Kay said...

..and what beautiful tins they come in - I am not much of a "hot" tea drinker - I love my tea, sweet and ice cold - a southerner, you know!!
But I can learn!!!!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Zetor!
I can't wait to try them all!! I wonder if I can choose just ONE favorite? I know that the Bolero blend is my favorite so far, but these new teas will be fun to try!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Hi Donna Kay!!
I'm a southerner, too!! I love sweet, sweet iced tea, myself!! Mmmmm... I guess I love tea hot or cold! :)

Mrs. U

Susan P. said...

Mrs. U, you DESERVE all that tea if you have successfully given up diet coke. I wish you would do a blog post about how hard it was/ cravings, etc. I drink way too much of it and I know I need to stop ~ I feel like a diet coke addict! Help!!!!!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Susan!!!
Boy do I understand being a Diet Coke addict!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I used to drink AT LEAST 7 cans of Diet Coke a day PLUS I would drink it when we were out, too!!!! It was B-A-D!!!!!

Thankfully, I did not have any problems stopping it. That was a miracle, I know!!! Every once in a while, I still get a craving for the bubbly carbonation, but I just get water (or tea!!) instead. The Lord truly helped me with stopping Diet Coke!!!

Mrs. U

Melissa said...

Sounds great! It makes me want some tea! Ah! I should have some, just Lipton green tea, sadly....enjoy your new stuff, let me know how good it tastes!

Melissa :D

mommy24treasures said...

oh wow enjoy!
And the post below... I so agree!!!!!

Salsygirl said...

Oh Mrs U!!!!
YAY FOR YOU!!!! I am so proud of you for your prudge of the diet coke and the tea must be so much fun. I hope you can use your little penguine!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooooo... This sounds YUMMY! And what a GREAT gift idea! I've done a bbq sauce basket for my hubby (the spicy man in my life, I know corny). I've also done coffee, Batdorf & Bronson! Roasted fresh! YUM!
But... this one tops it all!

Kelli said... are going to have so much fun trying all that new tea, Mrs. U! Good for you for giving up diet coke!
P.s. I'm so glad the Chicken Chile was a hit at your house!

Anonymous said...

I was at their site and registered. After putting things in my cart was distracted and turned off computer. Guess what was in my email this morning?

We see you attempted to place an order of tea with us recently, but did not complete the transaction. We hope this complimentary $5 gift certificate encourages you to reconsider.

- Adagio

Mrs. U said...

Oh, wow, Kat!! What incredible customer service!!!!!

Please let me know what teas you get and how you like them! Yum!!

Mrs. U (enjoying a cup of tea right now, as a matter of fact!!)


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