Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mosquito bites...

I am so blessed. I do not get bug bites. I have no idea why (anyone have any ideas??), but insects just don't like me (which is fine because I don't like them, either!!). For the rest of my family, though, that isn't the case.

Elizabeth seems to get mosquito bites more than anyone else here in the house. I guess because her skin is so soft and, well, because she's the sweetest one here. Last summer, I would try my best to get her to stop scratching, but I lost almost every battle.

On Monday, she got her first mosquito bite of the summer and it was a doozy. It was on her ankle. Bless her heart, I am sure it was itching her to death. So, what did I do? I Googled "stop mosquito bite from itching". HAHA!! Doesn't every good mother Google for help these days? :)

Anyway, the first thing I read was to put a piece of tape over the bite. Strange. But guess what? IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elizabeth did not touch the area of the bite all night long!! And Tuesday there was only a tiny red area there, but still, she did NOT scratch it!!!

So Scotch tape DEFINITELY works for me and mosquito bites!!!!


Diane Meyer said...

Whhaaat? Seriously, scotch tape? Would it work on an adult, do you think?
I get eaten alive all summer long while my husband gets through the season with hardly a scratch. (get it?)
I'll try it. I'm desperate.

Allie, Katie and Harper's Mom said...

Mrs U, Thanks for the awesome
tip!! We are going back to the
mid-west this summer!! I will
be sure to bring tape. Your
precious girl is just so big
and beautiful!!! My Allie was
just baptized last Sunday we
were so PROUD!!!

Have a great day!!!

Sindy AKA ladybuginnebraska from

Anonymous said...

Tape??? What a great idea!

As far as you not being bit... I've been told that mosquitos are on the hunt for blood filled with a certain vitamin/mineral. If I remember correctly, it's iron. You may not be low enough to notice, but those little buggers do!

Donna Kay said...

Thanks for that tip!! Needless to say, here in Louisiana we get our share of mosquitoes - and they love me!!!! Great idea!!
So glad Miss Elizabeth is feeling better!!

Wendi said...

I will have to try that. Megan gets big welps when she gets bitten.

Glad to hear Miss Elizabeth is feeling better!

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, I like this idea, easy and cheap!
My Hannah gets eaten up by the critters, who knows why, but she does.

Thanks for the hint!

ames said...

How clever! Not looking forward to getting bug bites, but definitely looking forward to trying this out!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! thank you! thank you! I get bitten horribly by mosquitoes and will definitely be trying this.


Anonymous said...

I will def try that! Great tip! I had a friend in HS who always claimed that if you washed your bite with soap and water immediately after you were bitten they wouldn't itch. I was never in a spot to do that, but she would RUN to the nearest sink or tub or whatever and she claims it works! The scotch tape sounds MUCH simpler! We'll stock up since those mosquitoes are making their appearance here in MD.

Paula said...

That's a new one for me! :)

marigold said...

Wow! I always get bit and will definitely be trying this one (along with tying a Bounce sheet in my belt loop, which I've heard makes you kind of invisible to mosquitos. Heh, we'll see!)

Thanks for the tip!

Jen said...

I'm like you...mosquitoes don't like me either!

Loving Our Homeschool said...

Oh my goodness, we will be trying this tip!! The mosquitoes LOVE my youngest daughter. We can spray her with all manner of insect repellants, but they still find her.

In April.
In the cold.
In a somewhat northern state.

They are not supposed to be out yet!!


Julieann said...

That is neat to know---Mrs. U I always got bit up in Georgia, here in Cali--we really don't have them. When I was little my grandma would put meat tenderizer on the bites and that took the itch away--


Susan P. said...

Who would have "thunk" it? lol I'll have to try that on Mr. P ~ he is loved by all insects, great and small!

Kaye said...

Really?! I've never heard of that and I've grown up in the mosquito-infested deep south my entire life! Thanks for the tip because they LOVE me!

Naine Crew said...

we will have to try that one here in Cameroon. we definitely have mosquitoes and here they carry malaria...our three kiddos are brave not to scratch too much, but will try the tape...hope it doesn't have to be Scotch...will keep you posted! Blessings, Wendy

CathyBB said...

Hi! I'm a stranger on my first time here, but I had to chime in and say THANKS for sharing this! I have three little kiddos who also taste sweet to those darn mosquito bugs - and they seem to like me, too.

I'd like to say I can't wait to try this, but that doesn't seem right. =)

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying the scotch tape method right now as I type. These damned mosquitoes here leave welts the size of half-dollar coins.

Cove Girl said...

Bugs don't like me either!


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