Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall is on it's way!!!

The weather this morning is a sure sign that fall is on it's way. HOORAY!!!

I walk two days a week with a dear friend at a nearby school. We were both quite surprised this morning when arrived at the walking track to find how chilly it was!! Shivering, we walked and talked and were both VERY excited to have left those 100 plus temperatures and have this lovely cool weather to welcome us outside.

The windows in my home are wide open right now and I can smell that nice "outside" smell drifting in on the breeze. Today is a busy day with homekeeping duties, meeting good friends for lunch and running errands, but I am SO happy to be doing these on a much cooler day!!

What are your plans today?

How is the weather where you are? Can you tell that fall is on the way?


Anonymous said...

It is a wee windy, rainy & dark! FALL IS HERE!!! Leaves are turning, clouds are low... And, the smell!
Today's plans??? We are taking this week off of school! YEAH!!! The girls get to sleep in until 8:30 (that means I get 2 hours by myself), decorations go up, and soup (chili) is on!!!
Have a great day, Mrs. U!!!

Paula said...

It seems like you have been given the cooler weather that we had last week, and now we're getting the hot weather here this week. Tons of gardening to do, and general cleaning around the house. Oh, how I wish it would be about 20 degrees cooler right now--much better for gardening!!


Wendi said...

Fall is on it's way here. Today is in the high 60's. Yes!! Although summer will show itself later this week I know it won't be long until cooler temps are here to stay.

Laundry is on my schedule for today. A pleasant task with the windows open!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Here in Paris (France) the weather was far from being good today, it is right now the evening and it is raining... Last week was very sunny and warm though! The weather in Paris and its suburbs can change a lot in a week, we are used to! I planned to rest and surf a little bit on the net to update my blog as I am waiting for my "back to school" day at University, in October. Very nice blog! Blessings from France. delphine<><

Anonymous said...

Plans today- day off from a usual cleaning Monday since a dear friend is in town. Went to the park and out to lunch with the little guys.

It is 90 degree Texas weather today BUT I can definitely feel a little hint of fall in the air these days. There is a certain crispness to be felt.


Heather said...

I love fall and the cool weather it brings! Here it has gotten quite cool during the past week and the leaves have begun to turn their brilliant hues.

This morning we went to the library, and the children enjoyed playing with the toys there while I rounded up books for homeschool this week. I made chili for lunch (yum!) and this afternoon we'll be going out to play in the sandbox. When hubby gets home I hope we'll find some time for a board game or two. Blessings ~

Tammy said...

The weather is cool and crisp, and is going to be in the 80's tomorrow! The weather is up and down at this time of can't decide to be fall or summer yet! =)

Kelli said...

The hot days in Texas are over and I'm very happy about it! I can feel the cooler air especially at night. Your morning walks sound like fun Mrs. U!


Anonymous said...

It finally felt like autumn today here in sunny Southern California. It never reached past 77 degrees and has been delightfully chilly in the mornings and evenings!! God is so good. :-)

Joyfull said...

Here is the deep south, we are so anxiously awaiting any sign of fall! The temps are in the high 80's and still warm.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderfully cold here in California and I am loving the weather so much! We had chili for lunch as well!

Bethanie said...

Today its hot and muggy. Its more like August than September.


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